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‘Todas as Flores’ actor splits from wife so he can ‘read a book’

Actor Luis Navarro, who plays Mark in ‘Todas as Flores’, has announced that he has split from former dancer Ivi Pizzot to have time to ‘read a book’. The controversy took place last Monday (23/1).

In a since-deleted post, the artist said he could no longer take the time to take care of himself. “Being a father, a husband, an artist and being one of the foundations of a black family is not for the few. My spirit has given way, it has weakened and I apologize for all the people I have let down,” he said.

“Maybe this decision is a mistake, but I’m being honest. I can’t remember the last time I was alone and reflected, read a book or looked in the mirror and was proud of myself. I need to reconnect with myself so I can come back stronger. Maybe it’s late, but that’s okay. God knows all.”

The publication did not have a good impact and many followers criticized the fact that Navarro left the woman with a 4-year-old daughter and another newborn, just 4 months old.

Hours later, the actor acknowledged he was “unlucky at words” in a video posted to Instagram. “I made a post talking about my marriage separating and it caused a lot of people a lot of pain,” he lamented.

“So I want to apologize to you, Ivi, whom I love unconditionally. You, Kali and Zuri are the loves of my life and I will never leave you. Never!”

Navarro also apologizes “to all black women, all women”, saddened and outraged by the situation. “That was not my intention. Let this assignment not serve as an argument for any man to abandon his daughters, his family,” he said.

“And for those of you who have seen this post, what is ending, at least for now, is my relationship between a man and a woman, because I will never abandon my daughters and Ivi can count on me for whatever he wants, whenever she wants she wants”, guaranteed the artist.

Finally, Luis Navarro reiterated that he will not abandon his young daughters, nor will he allow them to grow up without their father’s presence.

“It was a very difficult time for both of us, all hurt. We black people are lynched freely. We were abandoned by our parents and I won’t. I won’t. I sincerely apologize to all the fans who follow my work and who accompany the Ivi’s work. Sorry again!”

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