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Felipe Neto criticizes Anitta after fan attacks: “Toxic people”

Profiles on social networks left offensive comments in a publication by singer Samara Joy, winner of the Best New Artist award at the Grammy Awards

Felipe Neto criticizes Anitta after attacks by fans:

    Felipe Neto criticizes Anitta after attacks by fans

    Felipe Neto criticizes Anitta after attacks by fans


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Youtuber Felipe Neto has criticized singer Anitta for failing to take a stand after fans attacked Grammy-winning artist Samara Joy for Revelation Artist on her Instagram profile. In the first episode of the Netolab podcast, the influencer spoke of the singer’s silence in relation to her offenses.

“Anitta has already expressed herself today, she spoke openly about the fact that she lost […] And he said absolutely nothing about it,” she said. “And you can’t say you don’t know. Because she was the subject and cover of all vehicles. And it’s not that people don’t send her things.”

The episode to which the influencer referred were the offenses that some profiles left in the comments to the photo of the singer Samara Joy, stating that Anitta deserved the award. According to Neto, the singer would be benefiting from the situation.

Felipe Neto talked about the Grammys at the premiere of his new podcast on Twitch

“Why not speak up? Why not educate the fans?” he said. “Could it be that, deep down, you know that this violent and hostile fan behavior ends up being good for you?” he asked.

The influencer also recalled the 2018 edition of MTV Miaw in which he won the Icon Miaw trophy and was booed by fans of the singer, who was competing in the same category. For him, what happened to Samara Joy was much worse.

After the speeches went viral on networks, some fans snapped at the singer, saying not everyone was related to the attacks. “The fandom is tired, every day something different. Because of some the whole fandom. Idiots exist everywhere. In every fandom there is rabble. Me and a lot of anitters disagree with that,” said a internet user.

Then, Felipe Neto spoke one last time on the subject. “Anitters from my heart. If you haven’t watched the entire podcast, if you’ve only seen one sensationalist gossip profile headline, if you’ve only seen a one-minute cut of the podcast, you’re expressing yourself without knowing it,” she wrote. In another tweet, he concluded the speech. “I’m not trying to reason with toxic people. Those who bark on their own,” he wrote.

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