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Gabi Martins and Lincoln Lau separate and the singer exposes the abusive relationship and cheating. Understand ALL the struggle!

Gabi Martins and Lincoln Lau ended up unkindly. The former couple exchanged accusations on social media after announcing their separation.

After just four months of dating, Gabi Martins announced the separation of player Lincoln Lau. On social media the the singer exposed the abusive relationship and spoke of cheating.

It all started after the player posted the ending. Without saying why, Lincoln has just published a text in which he said that the two were no longer together. In the post, the boy was disgusted by the separation, but he preferred not to go into detail.

[O texto a seguir apresenta assuntos delicados, como suicídio e relacionamento abusivo. Não leia se tais assuntos forem um gatilho para você. Caso você se identifique, tenha depressão ou pensamentos suicidas, procure apoio no Centro Voluntário à Vida pelo telefone 188].

Gabi Martins exposes Lincoln Lau’s treason

With the great backlash of the case, Gabi went on social media to talk about it. In a series of stories, the singer has shared that she has been in an abusive relationship. In the prints you can see that the player threatens to take his own life if the artist doesn’t delete the photos of her former relationship. Gabi Martins is Tierry’s ex-girlfriend, a singer with whom she has been in an on and off relationship.

“It was a threat, a blackmail, that made me delete relationship photos and videos from two years ago. I won’t say what he showed here to preserve it. It’s just a small example of what he did to me all the time.” Gabi began.

“I asked him for therapy, got him a psychologist and a psychiatrist, but he never got me…

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