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The influencer is called to recognize Daffy Duck and ends up adopting a new paw

The family the paw was with were taken to police headquarters after police suspected the animal might be Daffy Duck

The saga involving Daffy Duck and the influencer Julia Olympio is not over yet. On the night of Thursday 25, the hope of meeting the animal friend was rekindled, but ended up being frustrated. The influencer said she was called by the carabinieri to go to the police station to recognize an animal that looked like her Daffy Duck.

“Unfortunately it’s not the Daffy Duck, this is a female, the noise is different, it’s much smaller than the Daffy Duck and much more tame,” said Julia.

However, the young woman did not leave the police station empty-handed. The deputy Bruno Lima suggested to the influencer to take home the paw found. “He was found with a very humble family, in a totally unhealthy situation, without the necessary care,” said the delegate.

He further explained that the paw had arrived in São Paulo the same day, coming from Minas Gerais, in a box. “We talked to the tutor, she regretted it. She really bought it to be able to take pictures, because she found it cute. If she hadn’t donated the animal, she would have been subjected to the crime of ill-treatment due to the conditions in which has been found,” continued Lima.

Zampa’s family were taken to the police station after police suspected the animal might be Daffy Duck. According to Julia, it was followers who found the pictures of the paw and sent them to her. “You sent me a lot, I didn’t post anything so as not to disturb the police, but thank God they managed to locate it,” said the influencer before discovering that the animal was not hers.

Julia Olympia and Daffy Duck

remember the case

Daffy Duck disappeared on April 12, and his tutor has been trying to find him ever since. Julia Olympio even offered a reward of R $ 30,000 to anyone who finds the animal. The duck was last seen at the influencer’s home in Mogi das Cruzes, in the São Paulo metropolitan region.

Source: Terra

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