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“I only had a 5% chance of surviving,” says Beto Barbosa of curing cancer

The king of Lambada revealed that his wife’s support was crucial in overcoming the disease

Beto Barbosa spoke of the prostate cancer discovered in 2018in its participation in the programme Encounterthis wednesday 31.

“He only had a 5% chance of surviving”, said the King of Lambada, recalling the drama he has experienced in recent years. Then he issued a warning.

“People should take better care of themselves and get tested preventively, because it seems to be turning into flu and fever. When you find out early, it’s easier to treat,” he said.

Gisele Melo, 26, was a fan of the singer and became his wife. Beto revealed the importance of her support during treatment.

“Gisele stayed with me through the hardest times of my life. When I had cancer and I was already there with almost my whole body gone, because I only had a 5% chance of living, Gisele never left me. She was the person who stayed in the hospital for two years, sleeping on the sofa and I was there suffering from various surgeries, chemotherapy (…) Let’s see who is on our side in times of difficulty and illness”, he revealed .

Gisele wasn’t in the studios, but made a remote appearance, celebrating her husband’s recovery, as well as declaring herself to the artist.

“I’m here to talk about this wonderful man. I’m grateful to God for your health. You are amazing, I learn from you every day, I just want to thank you for everything and tell you that I will always love you. A kiss, my love. I love you “.

Source: Terra

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