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It’s inevitable: you think of him and sing ‘PE-DRO SAM-PAI-O’! But do you know how the famous catchphrase was born?

Pedro Sampaio made the curious revelation during his participation in ‘Quem Pode, Pod’. Watch!

Pedro Sampaio emerged as one of the major names in funk in recent years. In addition to the hits that accumulate hundreds of millions of plays on digital platforms, such as “Sentadão” and “Galopa”, the dj and producer also has a trademark that distinguishes him from all the artists of the pop scene: the catchphrase “Pe-dro Sam-pai-o”, repeated on all the songs.

The curious thing is that the famous signature was born by chance, as revealed by Pedro while participating in “Quem Pode, Pod”, presented by Giovanna Ewbnak and Fernanda Paes Leme.

The catchphrase was born thanks to MC Jefinho, another very popular funk name. Pedro and his colleague ordered something very common in the segment: record random sentences to use as a sample. You have to let your imagination flow: say the name of the MC, encourage dance moves or, in some cases, even uttering meaner sayings. The goal was to create a dance montage, which later became the famous “Aquecimento do Pedro Sampaio”.

“I asked him: ‘Jefinho, record some voices for me that I want to do like a montage, put together and do something dancing’. He recorded 15 minutes of voice, non-stop, saying everything you can imagine. Some sentences with rhyming sentences loose… You listen to the 15 minutes and choose what you think is good. There was a lot of stuff inside and there was “Pe-dro Sam-pai-o”. I said, ‘Wow, this is really good’”, reports Peter.

The montage was so successful at concerts that Pedro had to add the track…

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