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The family of the lawyer from Poze do Rodo accuses the doctor of ignoring blood tests: “Nothing serious”

Silvia de Oliveira Martins, 40 years old, died on Sunday 17th, from complications due to HD lipo; Cremerj has opened an investigation into the case

Family members of lawyer of MC Poze do Rodo, Silvia de Oliveira Martins40 years old, died on Sunday aged 17, after complications from liposuction, accuse the surgeon responsible for the operation Geysa Leal Correa that you ignored the results of a blood test taken before the procedure.

A the lawyer had high ESR and CRP rates, which may indicate active inflammation in the body. According to ExtraSilvia also confronted the doctor about the results, but was reassured and informed that “it wouldn’t be a big problem”

“Changes in blood tests showed this to be the case high rates of ESR and CRP, in other words, an inflammatory condition. It could also be the result of a cold or flu, but it was enough for the doctor to veto the intervention. Silvia spoke to her, but she received a “no big deal” in response. We trust that lipo really does not present any danger,” Silvia’s sister, Adriana Macena, who is a nurse, told the newspaper.

Surgery and death

The surgery was performed in the early hours of Saturday. The same day the lawyer was discharged and returned home. As soon as she arrived home she started to feel pain and called Adriana.

“Silvia was discharged the same day as the surgery. When she was at home she called me to tell me that she was short of breath and had severe chest pain. I told her to rush to the hospital. She went to the intensive care unit and I a bilateral pulmonary embolism was diagnosed. That’s when I realized I had lost Silvia”, explained Adriana.

Silvia died on Sunday 17th following complications related to an HD lipo performed at the clinic of Dr. Geysa Leal Corrêa, in the South Zone of Rio. The Regional Council of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj) has opened an investigation to investigate the lawyer’s death.

Death of another patient

The doctor Geysa Leal Correa was reported by the Public Ministry of Rio (MP-RJ), in 2021, for the death of a patient, who had complications after hydrolipo, liposuction with graft. In June, Judge Suimei Meira Cavalieri, of the third criminal section of the Rio Court of Justice, decided to condemn the doctor for a negligent crime, when there is no intention to kill, applying the limitation of rights as a penalty.

“Considering the primacy of the accused, who has all favorable judicial circumstances, and, also, the sentence of less than 4 years for a crime committed without violence or serious threat in conjunction with a negligent crime, the benefit of the substitution of the sentence is necessary deprivation of freedom due to the limitation of rights”, reads part of the sentence.

Source: Terra

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