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Sergio Marone invests in vegetarian, sustainable and clean cosmetics: ‘We are nature’

Tukano, the actor’s brand, has products that do not deforest and do not test on animals

Avowed ecosexual, Sérgio Marone, 42, is so committed to the sustainable cause that he recently launched a brand of clean beauty dermocosmetic products [beleza limpa, na tradução livre]. Tukano was born from this desire to raise awareness in society through more conscious daily choices that are good for the planet, especially when purchasing.

“I really believe in the power of consumption, I really believe in the power of the consumer and I really believe that we can, through this, raise awareness among the population, people to make better choices when they buy a product, be it a deodorant or a shampoo,” explains the actor in an interview with Earth.

The brand was created by him, who is an environmentalist, just over a year ago. All products are 100% vegetarian, do not deforest forests and ecosystems, as well as being tested on animals. In the formulas you can find ingredients such as vegan collagen, vegan hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, ginkgo biloba and shea butter.

Furthermore, in e-commerce you can also find personal hygiene items, such as eco-pads, toothbrushes and hairbrushes made of natural bamboo, and ecological basic necessities.

Concern for conservation

Much of the packaging is as sustainable as possible and makes almost no use of plastic, always with the concern of a better future for our ecosystem. Shampoos, conditioners and deodorants, for example, are solid, which means less water is used in production.

“We are preserving a precious asset for human life on our planet. Because they are solid, they don’t require plastic, so our packaging for these products is zero plastic,” says Marone. “Precisely for this reason the packaging of the brand’s deodorants costs at least five times more than the plastic one, but the investment is worth it, because the cause comes before the profit”.

Sergio Marone invests in sustainable beauty products

For him, the goal of the startup is to generate transformation in people’s lives, and therefore the language of marketing aims to make society understand that it is necessary to be connected with nature, since we are part of it.

“We are nature, we must save ourselves. If we continue as we have done for so many thousands of years, we will be purged from this planet, dismissed from our role as guardians of this paradise,” she points out.


Although the company is still small, Marone says the next step will be to research oil from the Amazon, together with the communities that live from this extraction, to empower them. Tukano is already being studied to make this type of work possible with the natives of that region.

“Bringing these products, these ingredients from the forest in a conscious and responsible way, keeping the forest standing and, at the same time, generating income for local communities. I think the important thing is to generate transformation, be it social or environmental. Nothing is more important than the environment,” she concludes.

Source: Terra

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