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Ana Hickmann makes a powerful outburst amid her controversial split from Alexandre Correa and debts

Ana Hickmann took to social media to vent about her last few months. The presenter is going through a delicate divorce process.

Ana Hickmann And going through divorce proceedings After report Alexandre Correa for assault. In addition to the separation, the the presenter still faces millions in debt left in your name.

On Friday (09), Ana Hickmann published a profound reflection on how she intends to lead her life after the difficult time. A the presenter has been married for 25 years with businessman.

“Today I started the day by saying that this week has been intense, but it has been very beautiful,” began Ana, who added:

“It’s been a week full of discoveries, self-knowledge, new possibilities and what’s happening to me, I’m sure it can happen to all of us, we just have to try to look at life from another point of view.”

“It seems ironic that I talk about something like this, for all the difficulties and things I am facing and will still have to face, but we must learn to look at life more positively, transform pain into love. What I understand is that we must be clear about this: we must not be afraid of questions

Ana Hickmann has millions in debt in the company

On Thursday (07), the Notícias da TV website revealed the details of a judicial recovery request presented by Alexandre. The businessman indicates that the the debt is approximately R$40 million and requests urgent protection from the Court.

According to the report, Alexandre requested urgent protection because the company runs “imminent risk of opening bankruptcy proceedings…

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