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Behind the scenes of the return of the relationship between Gustavo Mioto and Ana Castela, there is a strong agreement between the couple: everything revolves around reconciliation!

Gustavo Mioto and Ana Castela made their relationship official at the Ribeirão Rodeo Music in the early hours of this Wednesday (1st) in Ribeirão Preto (SP). On the stage of the show, the two kissed and confirmed their reconciliation. However, for the return to be healthy, the couple has an agreement. Discover!

Ana Castela AND Gustavo Mioto they are together – again. After many voices are betting on reconciliationthe couple confirmed their return with a kiss during a show held in Ribeirão rodeo music, in the early hours of this Wednesday (1st), in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. The romantic moment between the two occurred when the cowboy came on stage to sing.”Confine“With her boyfriend.

“We’re back. We’re talking, we’ve been together for a few days now and we’re trying to keep things more between us, so, so we can live,” Mioto told “G1”, still in the locker room.

Ana Castela and Gustavo Mioto prefer to keep their relationship out of the spotlight

In order for their relationship to be successful, Gustavo Mioto and Ana Castela realized that it was best for them to keep their privacy private. The compatriot believes that with the discovery of the love affair, the relationship ended up being subjected to a lot of pressure before their latest breakupin January this year.

“Know, fundamentally, your profession [jornalistas] It doesn’t allow us to live in peace with all this. But let’s live as peacefully as possible. It wasn’t interference, but the pressure, of having to explain, always talking about the same thing, and this topic is always tiring. So, both at the beginning and at the end of things, this agenda continues to torment us and does not help,” he said, adding:

“In order to really have a relationship, get to know each other, I think we needed…

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