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This is where it all begins: the earthquake at the institute, Teissier leaves the cooking school!

Nothing goes well for Teissier (Benjamin Barochet) This is where it all begins… On the Thursday, May 2, 2024 episode of the series, the director of the Auguste Armani Institute has his back against the wall and is unable to fix his disastrous financial situation. A situation in which he plunged into culinary school.

Cardone becomes the director of the institute

So Claire (Katherine Marshall) cautiously approaches Cardone (Alexandra Vandernoot) to put her money in to fill the coffers! In addition to agreeing to allocate funds to him, the leader of Machiavelli demands to become the new principal of the school! Claire agrees to help him, on the condition that she offers Louis a job…

Once this deal is closed, Annabelle manages to convince Antoine (Frederic Diefenthal) and Rose (Vanessa Demoy) to support her. In return, he agrees to always consult with them when making important decisions and that his mandate lasts only one year. Thanks to these votes, Claire, Clotilda (Elsa Lungini) and Zachary (Julien Aluguette), Cardon will be elected!

Teissier gives up the apron for good

Unfortunately, Teissier felt ill after this coup and his health deteriorated noticeably. On Friday, May 3, Cardone offered her to stay on as a pastry teacher, but she declined the offer. Helpless, Constance (Sabine Perrault) can no longer bear her husband’s advice in a vacuum and her deteriorating health…

Experienced and wanting to recharge his batteries with his wife, Emmanuel eventually chose to leave his position and the Auguste Armani Institute for good. After gathering the students to say goodbye, he and Constance leave the building, crossing a guard of honor formed by the youth. Emotion is at its peak…

The chapter closes. This is where it all begins. To be continued…

Source: Allocine

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