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Chef Felipe Bronze is attacked by criminals after reacting to a robbery in Rio: ‘Immense stupidity’

The professional explained on social media how the crime occurred; They took his car, but he’s fine.

The cook Filippo Bronzo was attacked with punches and blows to the head after responding to a robbery in Rio de Janeiro. According to him, the crime occurred while he was going to pick up his grandmother in Grajaú to take her to the neurosurgeon. The Civil Police are investigating the case.

The approach took place this Friday, the 10th, in Vila Isabel, in the northern area of ​​Rio. In the video, Felipe reports, still with the collar of his shirt stained with blood, that he was subjected to a sort of “ambush”. They knocked on the rearview mirror of his car, which is armored, and he momentarily opened the door to readjust the object when he was overwhelmed.

“They stole my car, they hit me on the head. I reacted very badly. It was some kind of ambush. One hit my rearview mirror. I just quickly opened the door to help adjust the mirror back. Then I was taken over and in shock I reacted by trying to disarm the boy“, accounts.

He says he had a physical fight with the criminal. “I pointed the gun at him as hard as he did. Self-defense reflex. Then the other guy came, also armed, and he put the gun on my stomach, punched me in the head, kicked me and I bled a little. But it was just the scare. I reacted very badly. They pointed the gun at me on the ground. It was the biggest scare of my life. Do not do it. An immense stupidity, “she recalls.

The chef's car was seized

The chef’s car was seized. After the crime, he accompanied his grandmother to the appointment and then went to the police station, where he reported the incident. He suffered minor injuries but did not require stitches.

“I came here to Copa Star to meet my grandmother. Then I came here to the emergency room. There was no need to suture it, it simply bled a lot because it is a well vascularized area. The results of the tomography came out: everything is fine, everything is fine. It’s scary,” she stressed.

Finally, he advised his followers to be careful. “Take care of yourself because Rio de Janeiro is beautiful, but it’s messed up.”

According to the civil police, they interviewed the victim and sent him for a forensic examination. The 18th DP (Praça da Bandeira) is investigating the case and trying to identify the criminals.

Source: Terra

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