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How often should we change our makeup brush?

Maintaining makeup brush hygiene is as important as practicing skincare routines. This is because using dirty makeup tools can cause various complications to the dermis, from pimples to diseases.

Makeup brush and other tools are extremely important to perfect your look. But after all, do you know the useful life of these objects?

Makeup brush

This garment needs a lot of care and maintenance to prevent it from accumulating bacteria or losing its softness. Therefore, to have a more harmonious make-up, he washes his brushes once a week.

Additionally, with daily use, it will begin to shed or reduce its softness to the touch. When your item looks like this, it’s time to change it!


Whether you’re applying foundation or concealer or even sealing your skin with powder, sponges are a great option. However, be careful! This is because this item tends to accumulate a lot of dirt and can also create fungus due to humidity. Therefore the ideal is to wash this garment every time you use it and change it every three months.

Eyebrow tweezers

The hair cutting blades can be used 5 to 10 times. Brushes and tweezers, on the other hand, have a useful life of 1 or 2 years, as long as they are cleaned frequently.

makeup products

In this case it is necessary to check the expiry dates and, under no circumstances, use such expired products. Furthermore, it is ideal to pay attention to the change in color, texture and aroma. That’s because these changes could be a sign that it’s time to renew your inventory.

Source: Terra

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