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Here’s where it all starts: Kelly and Lenglart reconciled in Brittany? “We push the sliders to the limit!” – says Victoria Montfort

The students from Here It All Begins traveled to Brittany to compete in the Coupe de France de cuisine. On the ground, the brigades of the Auguste Armand Institute and the “rebels” led by the leader Teissier (Benjamin Barochet, who indicated whether he is leaving the series) confront each other…

Kelly again facing Lenglart

Kelly (Axel Dodier) is especially determined to win the competition… Unfortunately, his mysterious past with his mother, Laetitia (Florence Coste), may well come back to haunt him! Plus, Lionel’s girlfriend (Lucien Bellevue) finds herself face-to-face with… Chef Lenglart!

At the end of March 2024, AlloCiné had the opportunity to be invited to the filming of the film “It All Begins in Saint-Malo”, where most of the planning for this story event took place. Here, Victoria Montfort (who plays Chef Lenglart) confides in us all her joy at being back…

i missed you– said the actor. When I found the atmosphere of the series, I say to myself: it’s true, it’s cool! It’s great to find the character of Kelly and his translator Axel Dodier, who I play with a lot. But thanks to this arch, I was able to discover other actors from the series and play with them!”

“We push the sliders to the limit,” says Victoria Montfort

I also enjoyed going back because it wasn’t just the cooking scenes to shoot, the explanatory scenes which, for me, are sometimes a bit difficult and difficult because I don’t know anything about it.Victoria Montfort admits. I really wanted this time to be a play, comedy and provocation. Now we’re pulling the sliders all the way down!”

My character is coming back for this arc and I am very happy and proud. I like the idea of ​​coming in every now and then, this is where it all starts. It allows me to be 100% invested when I’m there and I also have other projects– explains the actor. So it’s a great opportunity for me and a joy to be back. And I loved doing it in Brittany!”

But then, how will the relationship between Chef Lenglart and Kelly develop? Axel Dodier tells us: “How their relationship went: It’s not good (laughs)”

Anyway, Kelly isn’t going to beat herself up…she has ambition, at least! He wants to fulfill his mission to participate in the Coupe de France. Will he win? I can’t tell you, but Lenglart will be quite the obstacle.

Continued This is where it all begins…

Source: Allocine

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