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Trauma? Lucas Souza reveals why he hid that he was bisexual

Lucas Souza spoke about the topic in a podcast interview

Luca Souza explained why he had not previously revealed that he was bisexual. This problem came to light after her relationship with him ended Jacqueline Grohalski.

In a podcast interview Selfie serviceLucas explained that he has always wanted to address his sexuality, but his public life has led him to postpone this revelation. “It was something I was already working on inside of me, I always wanted to talk about it”start.

He also said he put off talking about his bisexuality because of pressure from those around him. Lucas decided it was necessary to talk about the topic, pointing out that his sexuality was never a secret to him, but that she kept it because of past trauma.

“Militarism has arrived and created trauma and blockages. When you talk about bisexuality within institutions, it hurts you in the sense of having an important position, of not being promoted. You become a laughing stock”he concluded.

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