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Fortaleza City Hall cancels Victor and Leo’s show: “It is unacceptable that the attacker is paid with public money”

Victor Chaves was convicted of assaulting his ex-wife in 2019; The cancellation was applauded by councillors

The mayor of Fotaleza, José Sarto (PDT), announced on Sunday 19th, that the duo’s show Vittorio and Leone in São João in the city is cancelled. The artists were announced as attractions of the festival, however the choice was criticized for the fact that Vittorio Chaves He had already been convicted of assaulting his ex-wife.

“I have decided to replace the duo Vittorio and Leone in our São João Even if the artists’ fees are paid by the sponsors, it is a public event, and this decision is up to the municipality”, published the mayor José Sarto, in a post published on his Instagram profile. In the same text. , specifies that the updated calendar will be released soon.

In addition to the public, criticism of the casting Vittorio and Leone also came from Councilors of Fortaleza. The parliamentarians insisted on its cancellation, given that Victor had been convicted at first instance on charges of assault against his ex-wife. At the time, in November 2019, the Court ruled that he would serve 18 days in open prison. The singer even appealed the decision.

“We at the Human Rights Commission of the Municipality of Fortaleza have just issued an official statement to the Department of Culture of Fortaleza to ask that the attraction of Vittorio Chavesscheduled for São João 2024, is cancelled,” said the councilor Adriana Gerônimo (PSOL). “It is unacceptable that we, in the fourth capital of Brazil, accept that an attacker of women is paid with public money.”

After public request and parliamentary pressure, the Fortaleza City Hall informed that all announced artist fees are paid by sponsors, but that they still chose to cancel. Terra contacted the country duo’s production, but no response had been received until the publication of this article. On social media the artists have not spoken about the issue. The space remains open for future placements.

Source: Terra

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