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Spirit of Clodovil makes its “appearance” on the live podcast

Medium Tania Macedo ’embodies’ Clodovil and conveys her message during the podcast

During the podcast Gossip podThe middle Tania Macedo he was the special guest of the program hosted by journalist Anddreh Ponttez. The spiritualist explained why the artist’s villa had not yet been sold.

In reality his spirit does not want the house to be sold, what he would like is for the house to be donated to an institution for the benefit of people, such as a shelter for the elderly, a nursing home. This is what he’s telling me“said psychic Tania Macedo.

He’s here and he’s very clear about what he wants, which is for it to be given away for the benefit of people. He’s the one saying all this, it’s not me, it’s him here.“said Tania Macedo.

Tania also describes the artist’s personal aspects in detail. “ Now he needs to rest, the mentors gave him the opportunity to come and do this telepathic communication, but now he has to go. He is not very well because of what happened, his death occurred with great difficulty, now he needs to go and rest “, she said


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Source: Terra

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