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‘I’m willing to…’: Lucas ‘Buda’ reveals he wants to be a father and talks about MC Binn’s cousin’s pregnancy

‘I’m willing to…’: Lucas ‘Buda’ reveals he wants to be a father and talks about MC Binn’s cousin’s pregnancy

Lucas “Buda” commented on the suspected paternity after MC Binn’s cousin Nina Capelly said she might be pregnant by the former “BBB 24” star.

Lucas “Buda” spoke openly this Thursday (30) about the possibility of being the father of the child of Nina Capelly, influencer cousin of MC Binn with whom he had a relationship after the end of “BBB 24”. Nina confirmed that she is pregnant and said he is 70% sure the ex-brother is the baby’s father. In a video on Instagram, Lucas ‘Buda’ revealed what he thinks of the controversy and revealed his desire for fatherhood.

Lucas “Buda” wants to become a father, but he can’t imagine it

In the video published in his stories this Thursday (30), Lucas “Buda” commented that he always had the dream of becoming a father one day. “Yesterday was a bit of a hectic day. I was surprised by the possibility of fatherhood. I have always talked about my desire to become a father and I said so in the program. Obviously it wasn’t supposed to go this way“, he said.

Then, Lucas revealed that it’s a difficult topic for him because he didn’t know his father. “I have a somewhat complex relationship with this topic due to my history because I never knew my biological father, but I am willing to take on my responsibilities, fulfill my role and not run away from the consequences of my actions.“, he said.

Subsequently Lucas “Buda” stated that he will do so to Sao Paulo to talk to Nina and intends to play its role. “I have already contacted Nina to provide support and I am in contact with Nina to go to Sao Paulo so we can talk in person“, he has declared.


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