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I heard it all!  Single, Deborah Secco reflects on judgments and reveals how she learned to deal with them: ‘Liberating’

I heard it all! Single, Deborah Secco reflects on judgments and reveals how she learned to deal with them: ‘Liberating’

Deborah Secco made a sincere outburst this Thursday (30th), receiving several compliments on the web. The actress reflected on the judgments of others and told how she learned to deal with them!

Debora Secco , with whom he was once accused of having an affair Marcos MionI used social media this Thursday (30th) to vent. The actress, that inspired Ze Felipe creating a song, reflected on the daily judgments that every human being faces on a daily basis, regardless of the scale. In the comments, she was acclaimed by her followers, moved by the video message…

Deborah Secco talks about how she learned to handle criticism and judgment from others

Deborah, who showed off her body recently, took to Instagram to talk about the recurring criticisms in her life and took the opportunity to advise her followers. “You will be judged regardless of what you do, what you choose, who you are, after all we are so different and plural. You will be judged in your work, in your life and in your motherhood”, she began, underlining that you cannot avoid certain looks and pejorative comments.

The artist then explained how she deals with daily judgments: “Over time I began to take away a little the importance of this judgment from others and I began to give this importance to myself, to my judgment and to who I actually think I am. to be”. I am, in what makes me happy and in what I want to be. Over time, I no longer needed that validation from others.”

“It’s not easy to be unique in a world that has always tried to close us into boxes. But I can say that it’s liberating. We gain people, we lose others, but the most important thing is that I think so more and more…

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