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Ana Hickmann Responds to Alexandre Correa and Shows a Genuine and Forged Signature After Police Verification. Compare

Ana Hickmann Responds to Alexandre Correa and Shows a Genuine and Forged Signature After Police Verification. Compare

Look, in the photo gallery below, the image with the comparison between the real signature of Ana Hickmann and the one presented in various documents.

Ana Hickman he opposed the defense of Alexander Correa regarding the forgery of their signatures. This Saturday (06), The Department of State’s Criminal Investigations (DEIC) concluded that signatures on several documents “did not come from the hand” of the presenter.

This is what lawyer Bruno Ferullo, Alexandre’s defender, claims in a note sent to the magazine Quem. Ana presented 12 documents with false signatures and the graphotechnical expertise revealed that two signatures actually belonged to the presenter. He also says he has an initial report from the Criminalistics Institute (IC), which states that the signatures are inclusive.

“We are calm, waiting for the conclusion of the police investigation to clarify everything that is necessary. We are very calm that the truth will emerge, because we have great faith in the judicial system” concluded the lawyer.

In a note sent to Pure peopleAna’s press office explained that the two documents mentioned by Alexandre’s lawyer were not signed and therefore were not taken into consideration.

According to the note, the expert asked the presenter for a new collection of material and copies of documents in high resolution after he sent the report she commissioned, in March. With this additional material in hand, the police concluded that Ana’s signatures were forged.

In the photo gallery above, you can find an image comparing Ana’s original signature with the fake one.


According to the Institute of…

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