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Ticiane Pinheiro reveals details of Rafaella Justus’s super luxurious party

Ticiane Pinheiro reveals details of Rafaella Justus’s super luxurious party

On the verge of celebrating Rafaella Justus’ 15th birthday, Ticiane Pinheiro shared details of her daughter’s party

Announcer Ticiane Pinheiro has decided to reveal the details of his daughter’s 15th birthday party, Raffaella Right. The heiress will celebrate her birthday with a lavish party on July 21 in Sao Paulo, and her mother has been keen to spill the beans about the big day.

“Rafa’s party will be a princess party, a 15th birthday party as she wants, in the pink world. She will have three dresses, one for the entrance, one for the waltz and one for the ballad. There will be a special surprise show, which I am giving”he said in an interview with the magazine Who.

Furthermore, Cesar Tralli’s wife, Rafa’s stepmother, revealed that the guest list is gigantic, but she does not know the exact number. “I think we have 400 guests, we are still making the list and finalizing everything. I am not very organized, I like to do everything at the last minute. I work a lot, I am starting to make the list, but we are done for this number of people”, explained.

Who chose everything?

Finally, confirming that Rafaella has a very refined taste, Ticiane revealed that she doesn’t have a great opinion on the choices and details of the party. “Rafa who chose everything, spoke as he dreamed. Only in the invitation I gave my opinion because he asked me. And also in the dress. In the little things he asked me”, finished.

Source: Terra

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