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Rodrygo and his ex, Luana Atik, chase each other on social media and fans point out that the couple is back together

Rodrygo and Luana Atik are back to following each other on social networks after the end of the relationship. According to followers’ suspicions, this could indicate a possible return of the couple.

Rodrygo and his ex are back to following each other on social media.

It seems, Rodrygo is part of the team of players who are in a relationship🇧🇷 after the wines jr. and Julia Rodrigues having dinner togetherthe network noted that the striker may have changed their relationship status during the 2022 World Cup.

Rodrygo was dating Luana Atik. On the eve of Brazil’s debut at the World Cup, which featured i Richard’s rolethe influencer opened the question box on the social network and he explained that he was single🇧🇷 Also, the former couple no longer followed each other and the photos of the two were archived.

On Tuesday (30), fans took notice Rodrygo and Julia followed again. The influencer also used a player sticker, which he was Neymar’s replacement in the competition, in a story on the social network. Rodrygo and Julia have been together since 2019.

Rodrygo changes his relationship with his twins

Rodrygo experiences controversy in his personal life. Rodrygo, said the player he did not want to assume paternity of the children🇧🇷 DNA test was proven only after collecting genetic material from children’s grandparents. Now, Rodrygo has been shown to maintain a good relationship with Pamella and the kids. On social media, the player insists on making video calls with the boys before the games and has already shared a publication by Pamella in the Stories.

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