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Luciana Gimenez needs to use a wheelchair after an accident

Host Luciana Gimenez made a rant this Wednesday (25/1) on her Instagram, revealing that she will have to use a wheelchair indefinitely after suffering a skiing accident. She was on a skiing holiday in Aspen, USA, when she broke her leg in four places and now she says she can’t put her feet on the ground.

“My leg is getting better, but I still can’t put my foot down. So, I can’t walk. It makes me a little desperate. I’m a nimble person, I’m always doing things. anxious. So, that makes me very anxious, it brings me a lot of discomfort. Not only can’t my foot touch the ground, but no one can touch it,” said Luciana Gimenez.

“I have this long leg, I keep looking at my foot and despair. I walk with a walker, crutches, which I’m still learning, and a wheelchair,” she continued.

In addition to the locomotion difficulty, he said he was faced with a lot of pain.

“I’m still on a lot of meds. The meds don’t reduce the pain and we don’t want to increase the dose because, in fact, we want to stop taking them. I dare say it’s the busiest time of my life. I’ve never been through it,” he completed .

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