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Phelipe Siani speaks out after the attacks in Mari Palma: ‘Do not accept a sexist revolt’

The journalist exposed the printouts of the hostile messages he received due to the end of the marriage with his colleague

Philip Siani used social media to take a stand against the attacks sent to his ex-wife, Mari Palmathis Tuesday, 7.

The reporter shared printouts of the hostile messages she received after the announcement of the end of their marriage. The attacker even mentioned her father, Luiz Palmadied of cancer, aged 70, in March 2021.

“I’m really, really thankful for everyone who loves my work and follows me here, on other networks and on TV. You are responsible for everything I am professionally, always have been and always will be,” the presenter posted.

“That’s why I ask you not to let anyone be cruel to Mari in our separation process. Please don’t accept a sexist riot against a wonderful person like her. In these cases, the world is increasingly cruel to women, unfortunately,” he continued.

Siani also said that the journalist is one of the “most incredible people” he has met and reiterated that the couple’s breakup is “full of love, affection and respect from both parties”. “It was a decision that was calmly discussed, with no villains or casualties in the story,” she said.

“Mari was and is respectful, affectionate and deserves only affection and care from everyone, from all sides. Please scold anyone who does not behave like this. But make yourself respected even with the ignorant. Educate. As a couple, we always ha fought against hate…it won’t win now,” he added.

Mari Palma and Phelipe Siani announced their separation last Friday, the 3rd, after six years of engagement and five months of marriage. Both said they remain “great friends and professional partners”.

Source: Terra

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