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Ingrid Olerinskaya: about marriage, the new film “Young Man” and love for Russian brands

Ingrid met her lover by chance. In general, accidents often change her life. For example, this is how her film career began. When Ingrid was only 17 years old, she studied at the Faculty of Geography of the Moscow Pedagogical State University and was supposed to become a teacher of geography, if one day she did not go to Luzhniki for a concert, where she was noticed by an agent who selected actors for Roman Karimov’s film “Inadequate People” . The role of Christina brought her popularity with lightning speed. She dropped out of school, but she starred a lot. And is still filming. Her new work is the comedy Young Man, released on June 9, where Danila Kozlovsky and Pavel Tabakov became partners of the actress on the set. We talked with the actress about this project, accidents and fashionable taboos.

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Ingrid, in The Young Man, Pasha Tabakov and Danila Kozlovsky are fighting for the heart of your heroine. How does it feel when these actors compete for you?

(Laughs) Pasha and I have known each other for a long time. They just didn’t get the chance to work together. We have a great relationship. We did not meet Danya before the project, we had to audition for roles in several projects, but fate brought us together in this film. And I’m very happy that it turned out the way it did.

You play a teacher. Tell me, when you played the role, did you think about how your life would have turned out if you had not been invited to the cinema? Would you make a teacher?

God! (Smiling) This study was so long ago that it already seems to me that it was not in this life and not even with me. I laughed all the time at this study, because I do not like geography. And at school I didn’t like this subject, although it was a five …


Because I am a good person! (Smiling) I still think that it is impossible at the age of 17 to decide what you want to do all your life, only if you have been striving for something since childhood. I didn’t have that. I like one thing today, and another tomorrow. In general, at that time I did not understand what I wanted. So my mom took care of everything for me. When I entered, I immediately realized that I would not stay here for a long time. Even if I become a teacher, I will be a bad teacher, as in the film of the same name with Cameron Diaz. I will put on video clips with pandas for children, and I will dye my eyelashes myself. (Laughs) Therefore, to play a teacher – please, but I would not like to teach.

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Have you thought about getting a higher education? Finish acting…

At first they were, but then they disappeared. Professional education takes a lot of time, but there was none. From the age of 19 to 23, I practically had no days off – project after project, just then I starred in “The Ship”, “Londongrad”, “Hugging the Sky”. I don’t think it makes sense to go to school. At 27, I thought about it again, asked the agent: “Maybe I should go to study?” She: “What?” And I thought: “Well, I can cry, I can laugh too, what else can they teach me there?”. But this does not mean that I have nothing to learn and that I can do everything. I have room to grow. But I don’t think there’s any point in getting an education. You won’t break me anymore.

Do you think that education breaks a person?

I think yes. I saw a lot of guys with whom this happened. The teacher reflashes your organics, and if you don’t have your own, then he imposes his own. Masters do not like it when students act in films during their studies. At our institutes, they prepare more for work in the theater than in the cinema. I think I was lucky that I was immediately on the set. But I have a huge minus – I have never worked on a big stage, I have never played in a theater, which many people forget about all the time. Recently, Vanya Zhidkov called, offered a role in the play, but as soon as I reminded him that I had no such experience, he immediately disappeared.

Do you want to go on stage?

I would try.

Did you have problems on set because you didn’t know something?

No. But I always asked questions about my roles to partners. Nikita Efremov, Ilya Lyubimov and Zhenya Tsyganov helped me a lot. I remember how on “Inadequate People” I was worried about how I would shoot with Tsyganov himself, but then I found out that he, like me, was in the Pisces zodiac sign, so we had the perfect match. He had very little time, all his scenes had to be shot in one day of shooting, so he started very early and ended very late. At the end, he came up to me and said: “Ingrid, you’re cool! Everything will be fine! Thank you for this day!”. At that moment, I was so proud of myself!

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Well, now the schedules of other actors are being adjusted for you, as happened with the “Young Man”?

Yes, it was a shock to me. It turned out that shooting in “The Young Man” overlapped with work in my other project. And producer Ilya Naishuller postponed filming for several weeks for me, saying that I was the missing puzzle, without which the film would not work out.

Ingrid, you turned 30 in March, and you celebrated this event in a very unusual way …

Yes, she got married!

Did you have a plan – to get married at 30?

No, it happened by accident. Just two people met: “Wow! You’re nothing! Me too! Let’s get married!”. And got married. We met only this year – at the end of January, met for a little less than a month, and then decided what to pull – and got married.

So you’ve been married longer than you’ve been dating?

Exactly, we’re just getting to know each other. It’s a fun experience, thrilling, adventurous – I love it! We are all in waves – somewhere minus, somewhere plus. It seems to me that waves are interesting, they allow us to live, experience different emotions, and for me personally, life is in emotions. I’m not ready to live without them. Monotonous smooth flow is not my story.

Are you like him?

I do not know yet. I haven’t fully recognized him yet. Many friends and relatives were shocked when they found out about the wedding.

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How did the parents react?

Fine. They met at the registry office. It would have happened sooner or later, why not now? What’s the difference how long you met before the wedding?

Isn’t he from the movies?

In no case!


I had that experience, I don’t want to anymore. The fact is that a female actress is a little more than a woman, and a male actor is a little less than a man. And that’s the whole point. I want a man next to me. And not the second hysterical person.

So you feel that you are more important to him than work?

I believe that for a man, work should come first. He must like what he does. And I can’t live without my job. It’s very hard for me when I don’t have a job. I hate the question: what would you choose – career or personal life? I think that a person should not choose between these things, he can have both. I’m not going to choose between career and personal life. Either a mix or nothing.

Did he accept you with love for work?

Since he has not yet encountered periods of my employment, he simply does not know this yet. I guess I haven’t received it yet. But let’s see, I hope I’m wrong.

Are you going to reveal the name of your spouse?

No, I don’t think it’s necessary. I am very careful about my reputation, but still managed to write various unpleasant things about me. I don’t want my loved one to be subject to criticism, false information, or be the subject of some implausible article. Why do I need extra stress? But it is quite possible that in the future I will change my mind and begin to lift the veil of secrecy. For now, I’m comfortable with it. I do not want to make a splash and hype on my personal life.

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Ingrid, for the registry office you chose not a wedding dress, but a laconic suit. Have you dreamed of a fluffy skirt and veil?

I have never been a fan of dresses and did not imagine myself at a wedding in a cake dress. I always thought it would be something minimalistic. I really love costumes. I found this one in a couple of days. I just came to the store and took the first suit that I liked. There was no long preparation. I plan to use it in the future. He’s pretty interesting, you can beat him.

At social events, you always look organic. Tell me who helps you with the images?

Thanks, good to hear. In fact, various clothing brands with which I cooperate and are just friends help a lot in collecting for events. Among them are many domestic clothing manufacturers, whose quality and models are in no way inferior to foreign ones. When choosing clothes, I often consult with my directors. An outside perspective is important. Minimalism, classics, grunge – these are my favorite stylistic trends.

It’s hard to imagine you in a dress with a slit and sequins. Do you have taboo things?

I agree about the sequins, but I respect the cuts on the dress. (Laughs) The main thing is that it should be appropriate and look elegant, sexy, but not vulgar. Never liked something sloppy. I will feel uncomfortable in ultra-mini and bright things.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the expensive watch on your hand. Is shopping an important and big expense item for you?

I love watches. Basically I prefer men’s models, larger. I think that watches should be high-status and expensive. They are an indispensable addition to any of my image. To be honest, I am not very friendly with jewelry, but if I wear them, I prefer not cheap jewelry. As far as shopping costs are concerned, in general the look can be inexpensive but stylish, and high-quality accessories will give it chic.

Raincoat, price in Familia – 6839 rubles, in other stores – 11 879 rubles; dress, price in Familia – 17,999 rubles, in other stores – 379,299 rubles.

Style: Elena Zvereva
Makeup: Carolina Traktina / Make Up For Ever
Hairstyles: Leonid Romanov / Leonid Romanov Hair
Producer: Olga Zakatova
Photographer’s assistant: Igor Vtorov
Stylist assistant: Alina Soldatova
Hair stylist assistant: Alena Nikolaeva
Producer assistant: Elizaveta Kondakova
We thank M2 ORGANIC CLUB for help in organizing the shooting


All over the world, such a shopping format as a treasure hunt (“treasure hunt”) has been popular for a long time, but in our country it is only gaining momentum. In Russia, the main off-price department stores are Familia stores. Stylist Elena Zvereva tells how to choose a unique trendy look here.

Dress, price in Familia – 17,999 rubles, in other stores – 379,299 rubles; raincoat, price in Familia – 6839 rubles, in other stores – 11 879 rubles.

Not just shopping, but a real experience, the main prize of which is items from original brands with huge discounts (up to 85%). Often, Familia presents models in a single copy, so there is no doubt about the uniqueness of your image. Each store has a unique assortment, and after a “treasure hunt” in one, you can go to the next. You can find here, among other things, clothes of brands that have temporarily suspended sales in Russia, as well as designer items – the Gold Brands zone is reserved for them.

Well-known Moscow stylist Elena Zvereva shared her personal experience of shopping at Familia during the shooting of actress Ingrid Olerinskaya:

The shooting concept was built on pure colors and dense textures. The main technique is a monochrome combination of products. For several hours we wandered along the rails in Familia stores in search of those very things. And all is not in vain! They were very pleased with the findings. We found the right color scheme, premium and mass market brands, and a beautiful shape of products. We managed to collect images where the top of several layers practically coincided in terms of the warmth of the shade and texture, which made it possible to focus even more attention on the heroine, her look and emotions. There is a lot of sensuality, lightness and balance in monochrome styling, which now finds a special response. I hope our shoot will inspire readers to introduce monochrome looks into their wardrobe and try to add details in olive green, which symbolizes life, positive energy, balance and solitude with nature. After all, clothes serve as a tool for both self-expression and inner support.

“Familia is your fashion habit”

Source: Hellomagazine

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