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Source: with the permission of Metropole Zličín

5 rules to pay attention to when choosing an outfit

There are a few basic rules that always apply, no matter what kind of wedding you’re going to.

White belongs to the bride

The first and most important rule that everyone should follow is that the color white belongs exclusively to the bride. That is, if the bride does not expressly wish the opposite and does not choose, for example, a red or black dress for the ceremony. This is the exception, and unless otherwise noted, none of the ladies or gentlemen should wear white.

A bride like a queen

Just as it used to be true at court, when the queen had to wear the most beautiful and sumptuous clothes, it is also true at a wedding. Here, the bride should be the imaginary queen, and none of the ladies should be dressed better, more conspicuously, or more lavishly at the wedding.

Formal clothes

A wedding is a formal event, so the basic rules of decent dress should also apply here. Men in particular should avoid, for example, short-sleeved shirts, especially if they are wearing a suit. Jeans or leather pants are also excluded.

The complementary color is for the bridesmaids

Very often, engaged couples choose a complementary color for the entire wedding, in which they also choose, for example, flowers or decorations. The chosen color is often worn by witnesses or bridesmaids. However, if you are among the classic guests, you should avoid this color. The complementary color is often indicated on the invitation.

Leave the mini in the closet

Although you may receive an invitation to a less formal wedding, such as in the couple’s garden. It is always advisable to think about not making your outfit too provocative. Trying to be sexy is out of place, and a too deep cleavage, an exposed belly or a very short miniskirt could rather offend the other wedding guests.

After recalling the basic rules, we will focus on the types of weddings that take place in our country the most and will help us to find out which outfit to choose for such an occasion.

Outdoor wedding

This type of wedding will be the most common, especially in the summer months. Outdoor ceremony in the open air followed by feasting and entertainment in the barn or on the patio. It is clear that this is a less formal wedding, where the wedding guests are not expected to have a big evening, either because of the environment or because of the summer temperatures. The wedding couple themselves have more casual outfits, the bride chooses a more airy, simpler dress, the groom quite often chooses an option without a jacket. The outfits for the guests also depend on this. Ladies can choose a simple summer dress, preferably with a delicate pattern. She shouldn’t mind bare shoulders or open shoes. The handbag should be small, elegant, for example on a chain or a clutch bag. If the groom doesn’t plan to wear a full suit, gentlemen can also leave the jacket at home. But if you don’t feel comfortable in just dress pants and a shirt, try adding a vest to make the whole outfit special. Choose colors that are lighter or in shades of blue.

Source: with the permission of Metropole Zličín

Elegant wedding

The second type of wedding to which you can receive an invitation is, for example, a church wedding that takes place in a church or the very popular castle wedding. At such weddings, the ceremony is usually held indoors, as well as the subsequent feast. Here you need to choose a more formal outfit. For ladies, too revealing necklines or bold patterns and flashy colors will not work. You can’t go wrong in a dress in a classic sheath cut or in an elegant wrap dress in midi length. If the ceremony will be in a church, be prepared that it can be cold inside despite the high temperatures outside and complement the dress with a simple fitted bag. Another small note here, if you have a dress in pastel colors and you want to complement it with a white bag, white color is fine here. Since most of the outfit is in a different color, the white color of the jacket is fine. For men, the best option will be a classic suit. But be careful, if it’s a daytime wedding, you don’t necessarily have to wear black, a blue or gray suit will work much better. But make sure that the suit fits you properly. Try on the suit at least a month before the wedding to see if you can fasten all the buttons or if the sleeves or legs need to be shortened.

Source: with the permission of Metropole Zličín

Evening wedding

A wedding that is not so typical, but is currently starting to take its place in our country, is an evening wedding, when the ceremony takes place later in the afternoon, followed by dinner and entertainment. Everything usually takes place indoors and the style resembles a prom event. Here you need to follow a really formal dress code. If it is not stated on the invitation that it is a “Black Tie” event, a dark suit will be sufficient for gentlemen, they do not have to wear a tuxedo. Always add dark accessories and don’t forget a tie. Ladies should choose long evening dresses, bolder jewelry and matching accessories. If you are going as a couple, it looks nice if you color match your partner’s accessories to the color of your dress.

Source: with the permission of Metropole Zličín

Fashion tip

A well-fitting skirt is a popular and versatile piece that you can use on weekdays and during the wedding season. A pleated skirt made of gently flowing material, in the waist, in an A-line cut, ending slightly below the knees, will look great in your outfits. With the skirt, you only need to change blouses and tops according to the occasion. With this variation, you can conjure up a different outfit every time, which you can also use not only in an elegant style for a wedding, but you can also combine it with sneakers, a t-shirt and a denim jacket as a comfortable summer outfit.

Source: with the permission of Metropole Zličín


And if you are still struggling with the choice, use the services of stylist Bára Havlíková directly in the Zličín Metropolis. This service is offered by the shopping center completely free of charge for members of the loyalty club.

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