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3 simple rules for making a capsule: a master class by star stylist Lina Dembikova

“Reboot” is airing again on TNT, which means VOICE readers are waiting for even more interesting expert advice. Lina Dembikova, star stylist and fashion guru, is in contact with us. And also – a friend who will tell you in simple terms how to solve the problem of an ideal capsule once and for all. Believe it or not, you only have to remember 3 rules!

A capsule wardrobe is when you get the most looks from the least. And it’s also a skill that you and I modern girls need. Luckily, it’s not rocket science or playing the cello – you don’t have to spend years learning it. Just remember a few simple and logical rules for the capsule to grow, then practice, practice and only practice. The basics will be taught by the star stylist and one of the experts of the show “Reboot” on TNT Lina Dembikova.

“This summer has given us back femininity and sexuality. Two trends have returned to fashion: zero with a bold character, mini-skirts, a naked body and a vacation every day, as well as the French vibe, because everyone lacks love and romance. Therefore, the nostalgia for a vest, retro jackets and light dresses is gone, ”says Lina.

There are 3 rules for compiling a capsule, the expert told us about each of them in order.

The rule of a single style direction

To make things easy to combine with each other, you should choose:

– Laconic, not overloaded with design options. Then it will be easy to mix them with each other. Any flounces, ruffles or patch pockets should be avoided.

– Things of different textures. If all the clothes are equally dense or thin, it will not work to layer them on top of each other. It is best to combine both light, flowing textures and denser textures that hold the shape in a single capsule.

– The capsule must have a sufficient number of things in each category: shirts, skirts, pants, dresses… It makes more sense to take twice as many tops as bottoms, because you change T-shirts, shirts more often and blouses than skirts, pants, jeans, shorts and the like.

proportion ruler

If you don’t want to look like a magpie, it’s best to add decorations and bright colors to the top. Although you still need to experiment and be bolder, you should not overload the image with decorative details. There should be “air” in the picture.

Too bright colors deprive the air, add white, black and gray. Do not forget that sometimes you need to open the neck or choose a cropped top so that the bare parts of the body give the image lightness. When creating multi-layered images, you should follow the rule of layer density: the bottom layer should be thinner and lighter than the top layer.

snake rule

If you want to create a capsule from one thing – for example, you have a skirt or a top with which you can create many different looks, the snake rule will come in handy. You take one thing – preferably minimalist – to brainstorm the next, then add a few more elements to the image. Then you check each item to see if it matches the previous ones. For example, take a skirt – a jacket for her. We think of trousers for a jacket, a shirt for trousers, and ideally the cabin with a skirt should also be combined. That’s it – it’s not that hard!

Source: The Voice Mag

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