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What to choose shoes for work: Between comfort and style

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Ladies level shoes

One of the best variants of work boots are women’s low shoes. These shoes are elegant and keep the arch in a natural position. No bruises when worn. Low heel to you adds confidencebut at the same time ensure maximum walking comfort.

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Both synthetic and leather variants are available. Another advantage of low shoes is that suitable for both trousers and skirts or dresses. Just cleverly combine the outfit. You will also come across models with interesting applications such as buckles and more.

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However, when assembling an outfit into a work environment, it is better to bet on simplicity and elegance. It’s up to you whether you opt for classic oxfords, chelsea-style low shoes, comfortable slippers or a sportier type that resembles sneakers. Remember that in corporate positions, it is not appropriate to wear shoes in a very casual style. And vice versa – in a more relaxed environment or, for example, in the laboratory, they will definitely come in handy.

Only pumps for the costume!

Every woman thinks in the morning how to look good at work. But at the same time not to endure the whole shift. If you are employed in an environment where a stricter dress code is required and all your colleagues wear pumps, don’t be embarrassed.

Stock photos by Alexandra Maria from Pexels

Don’t you drive to work and are afraid of the bumpy public transport and paving stones? Then you are hide the pumps at work for a change. And travel in classic ballerinas or boots. Black pumps are the absolute basis. However, this does not mean that there are no other colors and you have to fit like a gray mouse.

Even with a costume, you can win nicely and buy shoes in a chic shade. Combinations of neutral colors are especially popular (cream and brown are now trendy). Alternatively, monochrome outfits that look sophisticated and level. But beware of white – it has a lot of shades. If you choose the wrong shade of white pumps, it will not look nice.

Do you want healthy feet and comfort? Bet on medical shoes

Medical footwear is the best for your foot in the work environment. Orthopedic slippers are of course the most comfortable. Wear them if possible. If you do not come into contact with clients or customers during your job, this should not be a problem.

In more representative positions, you can choose medical shoes such as ballerinas or slippers on a small heel. In the end, you can also find more elegant low shoes or comfortable slippers.

It has long been the case that orthopedic shoes are ugly and do not fit into the office among people. Models are available in all possible colors and from various materials. Just do a little research and you are guaranteed to come across a pair that will fit your work outfit perfectly.

In a corporate environment where elegant footwear is required, this can be a bit of a hassle. As we have already mentioned, it would be good to have, for example, medical footwear for normal walking, and as soon as necessary, you will slip into boats (for example, for a meeting with a client, a meeting with colleagues, etc.). Don’t forget that you can also buy boats orthopedic insolewhich at least slightly relieves the load on the foot and makes walking more pleasant.

Which shoes to choose if you stand all day?

If you are on your feet all day, make sure your shoes work thick sole. If it is too thin, you will soon start to feel it in your knees or hips. It cannot effectively dampen shocks, so you overload the musculoskeletal system.

For example, in the hospitality or industry industry, you definitely won’t mind if you choose sneakers or canvas shoes with foam elements and a thick sole. At the same time, we recommend profiled shoe insoles. And if you have problems sweating your feet, they are the best sports shoes with meshwhich allows air circulation.

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