Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Anntracit presents jewelry and accessories inspired by the surrounding world

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Design, attention to detail and a certain chaos are behind the work of Annemarie Havlíčková, who gradually materializes her love and imagination for original jewelry and accessories. The colors of the handmade brooches and earrings will be some of the ones that appeal to you right away.

photo: courtesy of Anntracit

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Anntracit, these are original wooden (hand painted) and acrylic brooches and earrings made with a sense of design and love for shapes and colors.

They are mostly designed and made in a Prague apartment full of controlled creative chaos, flowers, inspiration of pasted walls, and most importantly *emotion alert* with a view of the most beautiful city.

“The story of Anntracit began to be written during my studies at an art university in England, where I was fascinated by the workshops there. The creative possibilities were almost unlimited in the studio and I spent most of my time there. I started creating pins right there and they have stayed with me to this day. Anntracit is a project that gradually crystallizes from my never-ending enthusiasm for design and handwork,” says the author of jewelry and accessories.

Anntracit is beginning to explore art markets, is sold in selected design shops and also focuses on the custom production of personalized brooches.

“Anntracit will not stay only with accessories. The closest vision is printed products such as greeting cards, views or posters. This will bring Anntracit closer to my creative alter ego, i.e. graphic designer,” says Annemarie Havlíčková.

Anthracite ideas arise in the complexity of urban inspiration. Whether it is observing the surrounding events from the tram, visiting theaters, collecting movie or coffee experiences.

Source: Moda

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