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Hair needs extra pampering in late summer and early autumn

Have you returned from a fantastic holiday where you rested honestly and just let your hair exist, without special care despite the sun, sea or chlorinated water? Then is the right time to give them a holiday too…

We have a tip for you on how to take care of their health and at the same time have the perfect styling for every weekday.

Hair care starts from the roots!

After returning from vacation, treat yourself to sun-dried hair at home. But take it properly from the floor, ie from the roots! All you have to do is blow your hair out and massage your scalp after washing with a quality shampoo and conditioner treatment. You will achieve nourished and healthy glowing hair. And that you lack a few extra hands for a nourishing massage? Does not matter! The Rowenta Ultimate Experience Scalp Care dryer with a special attachment provides a gentle but intensive scalp massage. Twenty-two soft moving fingers support blood microcirculation for better oxygenation of the skin. It is a wonderful relaxation therapy that strengthens the hair and gives it extra volume. Newly grown hair will be healthier from the roots. And you can handle the whole procedure all by yourself…

Curl your hair, gently!

Washed and carefully dried hair is 100% ready for trendy styling. You can choose gentle waves for a business meeting, dazzle your half with more voluminous curls at the evening rendezvous! But how to achieve them without compromising intensive wellness training? The Rowenta Air Care Ultimate Experience curling iron is from the new generation of the luxury line, which will take care of the dazzling appearance of your hair – thanks to the new technology, you will protect it when styling. The resulting curls are perfect, undried and shiny. You simply wrap the strand of hair around the barrel, let the cold air out of the curling iron on it, hold it for a few seconds (depending on which wool you require) and release the strand. The wool cools with cold air, remains fixed and at the same time naturally flexible.

Source: Moda

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