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I wake up like an Italian: what southern fashionistas are doing to look like goddesses for less

There are photographs one cannot look at without tears, and there are images one cannot look at without envy. How, how do Italian bloggers look so luxurious in the morning? Without super complex style, war paint and high heels like skyscrapers. Let’s find out how they manage this black magic!

It’s similar to the French expression “Je ne sais quois” – something fleeting, subtle, magnetic and difficult to explain. Parisian chic works the same way with her casual chignons, relaxed white shirts and red lipstick. Italians look different: sensual, elegant, luxurious, but not vulgar. In snow-white palazzo pants, black sandals and a Gucci handbag, they stand out from the fine and sonorous Parisians. Something about their image screams confidence and unique style – what are those details that hide the devil and southern charm?

everything is expensive

No, we’re not suggesting that you empty your savings account to get a Birkin collection – even those legendary bags won’t make the look a priori luxurious. The whole outfit should be expensive, not every thing. Monitor the quality of seams, fittings and accessories as carefully as possible – they can ruin everything instantly.

Transparent material, cheap shine, massive shiny surfaces, loose threads – these are the killers of your style. Therefore, if you see that the sequins of the dress are already on parole, and the heel of the sandals probably won’t survive the whole summer, leave it where you found it. Believe me, all this will be visible, and in the photo it is also as if magnified with a magnifying glass.

Appreciate the individual approach

If the stereotypical image of a French woman is easy to put together (conditional berets, scarlet lipstick, the famous baguette), then with Italian women everything is not so simple. How to describe the average Milanese fashionista? Certainly not! Because they really look unique. Building a strong personal brand and style for Italian fashionistas is almost a matter of honor. Therefore, if the clothes in the smallest details do not scream on your character, it means that it is not yours.

This is why second-hand shops are so popular in Milan. Locals don’t like branded shops too much – it’s more entertainment for tourists. The Italians themselves prefer to combine vintage and trends – at their junction, a personal style is born.

See themselves as the center of the world

The basis of cool images in the style of Italians is a toned figure. By no means are we talking about weight now – no, only about health. Healthy tanned skin and muscle tone with any build helps outfits “play”, look stylish. Okay, no earrings, sandals, and clutches are going to look right if you’re walking down the street hunched over, looking down at the floor and putting your head in your shoulders.

There is a broader meaning to this: by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we learn to love ourselves, to listen to our own body and to enter a more or less stable state of harmony. And this – you will see – is reflected in your appearance and images. It’s one thing to flaunt snow-white shorts, it’s quite another to walk proudly in your Bermuda shorts, shading your tan and toned calves. And self-confidence, which the Italians don’t have.

Source: The Voice Mag

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