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These 5 little things make women look older, even when they don’t spare money for beauty

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “Everything is medicine, and everything is poison – it’s all about the dose.” This rule does not only apply to chemicals.

The main task of makeup and clothes is to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the face and figure. But it is worth making a mistake, and you will get the opposite effect, turning from a young woman to an old woman. Here’s what not to do if you don’t want to look older than you really are.

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Wear tapestry or tweed jackets

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These materials are associated with antiquity, so you need to be very careful with them. If you don’t want to look older, opt for smooth, patternless fabrics. By the way, this rule applies to massive rings and earrings: such jewelry seemed appropriate in the era of kings, but now it looks outdated and adds another 10-15 years to its owner.

Wear a burgundy “top”

Burgundy is a dark color that adds age. So keep it out of your face: Avoid burgundy blouses, tops and sweaters. It is better to use mixtures with a burgundy “bottom” – a skirt or trousers – and a light top. This combination, thanks to the right combination of colors, will visually stretch the figure and add lightness to it.

Wear “solid” costumes

Do you know why the uniform was invented? To make the wearer seem more experienced and wiser, even if it’s a bell fight in a hotel. If you want to look younger, choose the less formal version of the suit, even for the office, or add small details like rolled up sleeves to “freshen up” the look.

Apply mascara to lower lashes

Excess mascara always looks sloppy, and primarily affects the lower lashes. Too much makeup will make your eyes look heavier and accentuate the wrinkles under your eyes. If the mascara comes into contact with the skin, you will immediately become the owner of bags – and not at all with money. So leave the lower eyelid alone and paint the hairs only on the upper eyelid – this way the eyes will look much better.

Use a huge shapeless bag

A bag where you can put all the necessary things, and besides – two more loaves and three kilograms of cat food, even a young girl will turn into an old woman, for whom trends are nothing, practicality is all. You will go well with a medium-sized bag, and it will look much more elegant.

Ban “Bonus”: keep your head up!

Do you know what happens when you tilt your head to look at a smartphone screen? At this time, the shoulders and neck are displaced, the muscles of which are not designed to hold the head in this position. A constantly lowered chin while working on a laptop or browsing a social network feed threatens with many problems: an earthy complexion, drooping eyelids, the appearance of “withers” and bags under the eyes. So try to develop the habit of not lowering your head – this will allow you to retain your youth for many years.


Source: The Voice Mag

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