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How to care for your skin before and after a tattoo

photo: Pexels

The skin is delicate and prone to tattoo pens, so it is essential to know how to care for it. We have prepared some tips for you on how to do it.

Avoid razors and scissors

If the area needs to be shaved or trimmed, the artist can handle it. Part of the tattooing is also possible shaving, when a sterile shaver or razor blade is used. Using your regular shaving tools can irritate your skin.

Hydration first

It may seem trite, but the fact is that hydrated skin is better for tattooing. Dry, i.e. dehydrated, skin makes it difficult for tattoo artists to do a perfect job. In addition, the process of tattooing on dry skin can be more painful. Therefore, maintain a sufficient drinking regime at least a week before the actual tattoo.

Keep calm

In many cases, tattoos cause an unpleasant feeling. However, you should know that tattoo tools only affect the initial layer of the skin. Thus, during the tattooing process, you may experience some itchiness on your skin, but it is only a momentary sensation. The experience of getting a tattoo is not a very pleasant one, but a calm mind can help you stay more relaxed, making the whole process easier.

Beware of drugs and alcohol

Before getting tattooed, you should probably check with your GP about which medications you may be taking that may affect the tattooing process. These include, in particular, blood thinners, aspirin or alcohol. All of the above can lead to excessive bleeding when the ink is applied to your skin.

Cover or reveal?

Not every tattoo artist supports leaving the tattoo exposed immediately after it is done. While it’s important to keep the tattoo covered, it’s also helpful to uncover it. An exposed tattoo speeds up the healing process, but at the same time exposes it to possible infection. Therefore, this is where the protective strategy comes in, where you will be advised to keep the tattoo covered for at least the first few days. At the same time, avoid swimming in salt or natural water and just rinse the area lightly with water. Leave big baths for later.

photo: Pexels

Tattoo creams

You will usually get a recommendation for this cream from your tattoo artist and it is advisable to use it once or twice a day. During healing, you may feel irritation and itching around the tattoo, thanks to the cream you will speed up the healing process and the skin will not be dry. You can find vegan and organic creams in abundance in the cosmetic market as well. If you have an exposed new tattoo and are exposed to direct sunlight, it is advisable to apply sunscreen.

In conclusion

Healthy skin is a big plus for a successful tattoo process from A to Z. Moisturize, use appropriate creams and remember that you should not touch the tattoo immediately after it is finished. Especially within 24 hours of inking, the appearance of the tattoo is still susceptible to change.

Source: Moda

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