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The most expensive engagement rings in history

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When we look at jewelry (and quite often we think of it as a personal meditation), we are always reminded of Chanel’s joking quote: “The best things in life are free. The second most important are the most expensive. As always, to the point, Coco! If money can’t buy a great love story and the moment it kneels, then the engagement ring has its own value. And in some almost mythical cases, with an exorbitant number of zeros. But that doesn’t mean that such treasures can’t be bought, we tell you how!

Among celebrities, there is an unspoken competition: which engagement ring will break the next record. Bigger, tougher, brighter – if the battle for decorations were an Olympic sport, the show would attract no fewer viewers than the Super Bowl. Recent record holders include Jennifer Lopez, who again said yes to Ben Affleck 20 years after his first engagement. Well, how can you resist when a boyfriend hands over a coveted box with an 8.5 carat green diamond ring?

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According to experts, Jennifer’s ring is worth around $10 million, but it’s not the most amazing piece of our selection. The house of MIUZ Diamonds – specifically the incredible Le Chic collection with fancy cut diamonds – made us reconsider the list of famous and most expensive engagement rings, which, in fact, can be obtained without being a top celebrity . But first, but for now, take a look at these luxurious diamonds!

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Amal Clooney

In general, we don’t really like those emotional comments from fans like, “If they break up, we’ll stop believing in love.” But in the case of Amal and George Clooney, we agree: they are not a couple, but the true embodiment of an ideal relationship! The engagement ring of the famous human rights activist and member of the UN Council (an extraordinary woman!) is just as perfect: in the center of the composition is a 7-carat emerald-cut diamond, next to find two exquisite chopsticks. cut diamonds. This splendor costs 680 thousand dollars, although in reality, of course, it is priceless.

And now we don’t talk so much about the great symbolism of jewelry for Amal and George herself, this piece of jewelry art only goes up in price every year. Not the least important in this regard is the special way of processing the stones: the fact is that only the highest quality minerals can achieve a “Baguette” cut – an unusual fantastic shape “highlights” at a time exceptional transparency and flaws in the jewelry, so an error and any imperfection is simply excluded.

Have you noticed how the two diamonds on the sides of the main stone seem to add up? It is a sign of aerobatics in the art of jewelry: thanks to a delicate setting, several stones of different shapes merge into one brilliant jewel of hundreds of facets – it’s incredible! By the way, in the Le Chic collection of MIUZ Diamonds this technique is often used – and we are ready to watch these diamond compositions for hours … What can I say, Amal is really lucky, she can enjoy this beauty every day.

But why only Amal? You, too, can easily be the proud owner of such an ornament with a fantastic “enlargement” effect. We have selected for you a luxurious 18K white gold ring, in which 36 round-cut diamonds subtly highlight the main composition of 9 Fantasy-cut diamonds, visually united into a single diamond sparkling under the rays of the sun. “Blind spots”, which often spoil even the most beautiful jewellery, are excluded here: the stones never stop shining, regardless of the angle from which you look at them.

You can choose a precious companion for the ring – Mrs. Clooney’s engagement jewelry also has a companion. Amal left the original product for holidays and social events, and in everyday life she wears a slightly smarter and more modest version. We can’t take our eyes off the minimalist yet chic ring with 11 baguette-cut diamonds – it looks like the purest stones line up in a continuous line and only individual flashes in the light remind us that it’s after all of a set of several details.

Elizabeth Taylor

It seems that only Jacqueline Kennedy could beat Elizabeth Taylor’s record with her heavyweight ring: is it a joke, a stone weighing 33.19 carats? Although the massive jewelry wasn’t technically an engagement, the actress was surprised by Richard Burton, who was already her husband, so there was no need for a marriage proposal. But the legendary Krupp diamond certainly shows tremendous love for me. And a check for $300,000, which turned into $8.8 million at auction years later.

There was a story in secular circles that at one of the events the star met Princess Margaret, who, seeing a huge stone with an elegant stepped cut, could not resist: “Bad taste “. Sure of her irresistibility, the actress replied: “Do you want to try it?”. By the way, the princess did not refuse, so she had to admit that this composition could not be called tasteless. Of course, in everyday life, an elegant ring with 9 baguette-cut stones and paved with 48 round-cut diamonds from the Le Chic collection will look much more harmonious – it is luxurious, but not flashy.

This jewel is similar to the one we have chosen for you, inspired by the love story of Amal and George Clooney. They can be considered “soul mates” (we mean rings), only the second option is wider, and therefore it looks more solid, noticeable on the hand. All in the style of Elizabeth Taylor! If the actress now chose her new precious crush from the Le Chic collection of MIUZ Diamonds, she would first try on a ring with 47 diamonds, and pair it with a pendant with a bewitching design of subtlety.

This white gold piece is perhaps one of the most masterful embodiments of all the beauty of fancy cuts. 30 round diamonds, 45 baguette-cut diamonds, 4 marquise-cut diamonds and a princess-cut stone swirl in the pendant like a fabulous whirlwind. Take a closer look: the heart of the composition seems to be monolithic, as if it were a large diamond, but no, such an amazing effect is achieved precisely thanks to the skilful combination of 4 marquise-cut stones and d a princess cut. Real precious lace!

Grace Kelly

The famous engagement ring of the blonde diva Grace Kelly did not fall into her hands immediately: at first, at that time, her fiancé Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, ordered a jewel with diamonds and rubies – smartly and very elegantly. But after meeting his movie star fiancee’s co-workers and assessing the size of their Hollywood jewelry, Renier decided Grace deserved more. In the literal sense: he ordered a white gold jewel with a 10.5 carat emerald cut diamond for the bride. The luxurious set was completed with two “Baguettes” – which, as you already know, visually enhance the brilliance of the main stone.

Today, the combination of jewelry of different sizes is considered an indicator of a jeweler’s mastery: a combination of different fancy shapes – usually the most difficult to achieve – results in truly magical effects. Regardless of the angle of inclination of the jewel, the diamonds will flash in the light, reflecting the play of neighboring faces. As a result, the ring will not be so heavy due to a massive mineral, but at the same time it will emphasize the natural beauty of the ideal stones.

By the way, the jewelry house recreated the legendary ring worth 4.3 million dollars only once – for the filming of the movie “Princess of Monaco”. If authenticity was important to the director, then such a stone most likely will be a burden on modern brides – in the literal sense. Therefore, a combination of 9 fancy cut diamonds and 10 round stones for today’s princesses is the perfect solution.

The diamond pavé that you and I chose earlier has been replaced in this piece from the Le Chic collection by MIUZ Diamonds with a noble and neat casting of 18k white gold, making the ring more airy and sophisticated, just like the Princess of Monaco herself who inspired us. 9 fancy stones weighing 3.064 carats create an effect of additional volume: due to the refraction of light in hundreds of facets, they look as if they are folded into a single large diamond.

In the Le Chic collection, the style of the Grande Grace is reminiscent of another jewel: a fine bracelet made up of 105 baguette-cut diamonds, 84 round diamonds and 21 oval-cut sapphires. The iridescence of a deep indigo hue in sheer jewel bursts is mesmerizing and worthy of the jewel box of the Royal Family of Monaco.

Jacqueline Onassis

Our favorite Jackie Kennedy was on this list, but under a different name – Onassis. After the tragic death of her husband, the 35th US President John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline married a second time – to Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis. The former first lady fled the attention that pursued her and dreamed of finally finding solitude from the paparazzi, but did not find it. If photographers weren’t interested in Jackie herself, then her outfits or jewelry, including the stunningly beautiful engagement ring with a Lesotho III diamond weighing 40 carats.

In addition, according to Jacqueline’s biographers, this is the second engagement ring received from Aristotle: he was the first to give the bride a jewel with a ruby ​​cabochon in the shape of a heart for 1.4 million dollars, the second – a “heavyweight” 40-carat “for 2.6 million.
John F. Kennedy also featured Jackie’s jewelry at one point: the art deco jewelry cost the president over $1 million. The ring was crowned with a large diamond and a baguette-cut emerald, forming a fancy natural pattern. The Le Chic collection ring by MIUZ Diamonds with diamonds and rubies captures the spirit of this legendary jewel with astonishing precision: the pear- and princess-cut stones, surrounded by round diamonds, resemble a mythical patterned flower.

In general, Jacqueline set the trend for years in everything she touched, and given the tender love she surrounded with her jewelry collection, the former first lady couldn’t help but become a pioneer of jewelry fashion. With her latest engagement ring, which the paparazzi were ready to give their all in the world for, Jackie cemented the era of chopsticks and fancy cuts in general.

Pretentious brides and fair girls sensitive to the trends of the time wanted to move away from traditional round and oval stones – it became fashionable to choose such atypical shapes as “Octagon”, “Princess”, “Heart”, etc And combine them: in the Le Chic collection of MIUZ Diamonds, for example, two pear-shaped diamonds and a princess-cut diamond give the illusion of a large heart-shaped stone of round diamonds, as opposed to the general wave .

But in the end, non-ordinary and bizarre jewelry sets have firmly taken their place among the most exquisite jewelry. Due to the possibility of combining different types of cuts, such jewelry can more accurately reflect the personality of its owner: strict and elegant, like Amal Clooney, charismatic and artistic, like Elizabeth Taylor, majestic, like Grace Kelly, gentle, but strong , like Jacqueline Kennedy, and as unique as you and your perfect engagement ring from the Le Chic collection of MIUZ Diamonds.


Source: The Voice Mag

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