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Look for training: 5 tips for choosing clothing for the gym

The fabrics and dimensions of the garments influence the performance of the activities; see other precautions when putting together your workout looks

Practicing physical exercises is a fundamental part of health care. But to ensure the best performance in training, it’s important to dress right. Also because inappropriate clothing can bring discomfort and even reduce performance during exerciseexplains Vinicius Ribeiro, Bluefit’s national director of operations.

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“Clothes are made to contribute to physical exercises and not vice versa. Depending on the clothing, training can be impaired. Therefore, it is important to adapt the clothing to the activity,” he warns. Thinking about it, the professional lists 5 tips to help those who go to the gym choose the best looks for training.

use light fabrics

Clothes made from heavy fabrics, such as sweatpants, can be uncomfortable and affect performance during exercise. Here because, invest in lightweight garments, such as polyester, dry-fit, and elastane. In addition to not hindering movement, they don’t weigh you down with sweat.

you prefer comfortable pieces

Choose clothes that are comfortable on the body, i.e. not tight or too loose. A garment that is too tight can restrict movement, while a loose garment can snag on some equipment and cause an accident.

Use trainers when exercising

Good old-fashioned sneakers are always the best option for exercise, according to the pro. In addition to providing greater stability during the step, they also protect the feet more.

Avoid using accessories

Earrings, strings, piercings and other accessories can cause some type of injury, depending on the activity. So it is always advisable to save these items at the time of training.

size of the pieces

At the gym, there’s no right or wrong about sizing workout outfits. Short or long dresses that you choose, the important thing is that they are the ones that help your self-esteem.

Source: Terra

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