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The son is unable to make friends at school; what to do?

The follower says he has no friends his own age and has recently experienced trauma

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Doctor, my son is 13 years old and has no friends at school. He only talks to older people or small children. He is not very aware of the danger and recently he almost drowned. After that he is very angry and cries about everything. What should I do?

From afar, I tend to think it’s important to take your child to a mental health professional, a psychologist or psychiatrist, for an evaluation.

What could happen? First, he may have difficulty communicating with people his age, due to emotional reasons or personality traits. So he finds it easy to communicate with older or younger people, but not with his peers. This causes isolation in her life.

Additionally, he recently experienced trauma, which is why he is more irritable and cries about everything, which could be a sign of depression. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a mental health professional for an appropriate evaluation and, if necessary, establish a treatment plan for your child, including psychotherapy.

Source: Terra

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