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Spring 2023: dates and advice for taking care of your health this season

The spring of 2023 begins on September 23 at 3:49 am, along with the sign of Libra. Learn to enjoy the season!

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Spring 2023 begins September 23 at 3:49 am, along with entry of the Sun into Libra. Initially, spring is considered a joyful, happy, contagious season, especially for those who live in places where winter is long, cold and dark.

The season brings with it longer days, with more sun and more activities. For plants it is time to be reborn, to flourish, to sprout.

However, for some people, these spring months can also bring irritability, moments of increased anxiety, sinusitis, allergy attacks and even colds.

How to enjoy spring 2023

Spring is a time of expansive movement and growth, of creativity and planning. In oriental medicine spring is linked to wooden elementwhich governs the liver, gallbladder and tendons, i.e. responsible for the regular flow of energy and blood throughout the body.

Being a more active person and spending more time outdoors can be a great way to strengthen your liver and gallbladder energies during the spring of 2023.

One of the guidelines for this season is to imitate trees and flowers budding and blooming. In other words, allow yourself to sprout, grow, bloom, and achieve bigger and better goals during the spring.

The importance of the wood element

The wood element is soft, persistent and full of creative potential. In other words, extremely important in our life. This is because you have the power to be and become, to be true to your own nature and become more and more yourself, expressing your needs and desires more clearly.

This element gently penetrates the earth to capture water, the source of all life. From our roots we find the energy to move forward with strength and firmness of purpose. And in this way we remain flexible and true to our nature.

Emotions and feelings linked to the element wood

  • anger
  • frustration
  • irritability
  • reactivity

When in balance, anger can be a healthy emotion, as it can push you to move, it is a natural reaction to stress, frustration or injustice.

By expressing anger in a balanced way, this emotion can act like a storm that clears the air. This will dissipate tension and restore balance.

Wood element in imbalance in life

In imbalance, wood is often in excess or depleted. When there is a deficiency, it presents itself as difficulty dealing with anger and, as a result, the person may end up:

  • swallowing your emotions
  • experience anxiety and irritability
  • in a state of constant guilt
  • with common frustrations
  • making constant complaints
  • make repeated withdrawals

Some problems related to imbalances of the wood element may be encountered, for example muscular tension, tendon and ligament injuries, sciatica, headaches, migraines, irritability and outbursts of anger.

In addition, the person may also have visual disturbances, menstrual irregularities and fibroids. Digestive disorders are also sometimes present, including heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, high blood pressure, insomnia and mental confusion.

How to activate the wood element in Spring

In our daily life, the wood element is green and brown. In other words, in tree representations! So, try to get in touch with these colors, during a walk or during meditation. You can also use these colors in your clothes or accessories and even house plants.

In addition to making the wood element more present in your life with the colors green and brown, you can include it in your daily life by drinking water or herbal teas, such as basil, boldo and dandelion.

By drinking water we nourish and nourish the wood element. It therefore helps us to have less irritability, reactivity and frustration. Water helps us manage our emotions.

How to stay healthy and happy during spring


The liver needs movement and so do you, so get outside safely and take long walks, in nature if possible, notice the changes happening around you and invite the changes. Challenge yourself and start doing exercise or yoga.

Embrace the beauty of chaos

Organize your home, work, office, home office and get rid of the things you don’t need, the things you couldn’t get or part with in the winter. Donate and create space for the new to enter. Allow new things to come into your life.

Eliminates toxins and purifies

Spring is a great time to start a healthier diet and eliminate toxins so your wood element can do its job more effectively. Start by eliminating foods that stress your liver and gallbladder.

Do not eat too much. Try eating more slowly, savoring the flavors. Enjoy the abundance of fresh, green foods.

Flow with your resentments and start again

Grudges, anger, frustrations and resentments are indigestible and can cause damage to liver energy. Practice forgiveness through integrative practices and meditations.

Breathe and be brave, it’s time to try something new

Think about what you would like to try, even if it seems silly or scary. The delicate sprout would never know its potential if it remained safe in its seed. Start sprouting, let yourself bloom.

Take care of your body

Drink water every day. Use filtered water, at room temperature, preferably non-carbonated. Additionally, you can add some lemon juice, mint leaves, and other liver-nourishing herbs.

The flavor of Spring is acidic. Therefore, too much or too little acidic foods, such as citrus fruits, can unbalance the liver’s energy. So use them with balance.

Sprouts, small green leaves such as parsley, cilantro, chives, basil and oregano are great in spring. Leek, vegetables, onion, celery, bread with wholemeal flour and spinach, for example, are very good in this period.

Additionally, dandelion and boldo tea are also recommended. You can also try salads dressed with fresh lemon and miso soup.

Some integrative therapeutic practices such as, for example, Pranic Healing, Acupuncture, Reiki and flowers are wonderful tools in this process of preparing for spring. Furthermore, breathing and meditations (such as twin hearts) to help us adapt to seasonal changes.

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Eric Flor ([email protected])

– Eric Flor is an integrative therapist trained in physical therapy, acupuncturist and master in Reiki. He provides online and in-person services to João Pessoa with Auriculotherapy, Cupping, Moxatherapy, Orgonitetherapy, Crystal Therapy and Pranic Healing to promote health on all levels, balance and well-being.

Source: Terra

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