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Wide leg look: inspirations on how to wear the piece of the moment

Learn, once and for all, to assemble the looks with the wide leg, the beloved model of 2022 pants

The wide leg is a very versatile garment, which allows looks for all occasions.

There are always those models of trousers that are the trend of the moment, also appearing in the looks of various celebrities and fashionistas. And it was thanks to what the the wide leg has become the piece of time for the 2022 season! The outfit – which is located between straight trousers and trousers, since its modeling is wider in the legs – is super trendy in terms of aesthetics and comfort.

So this is the right time to bet on the wide leg for your look! However, you need to know how create productions with her, right? Check out some look examples and tips below and get inspired for your looks:

Wide leg look

The wide leg is one very versatile pant model, which allows it to be used on the most diverse occasions. In this sense it can appear in work looks or for a night out, for example, depending on the pieces it is paired with.

And speaking of wide leg combinations, There are several pieces that go well with this type of pants. A tip to create a very stylish look, for example, is to combine the model and a shirt with a trendy print to give that charm.

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Another good idea is to combine the wide leg with a blouse or a crop top, because this model of trousers goes well with this type of garment, usually have a high waist. And, in this way, you still combine two big trends in one look, right?

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Furthermore, add an overlay It is also a way to create a very elegant and charming wide leg look. For this, you can throw yourself into trench coats, overcoats or coats, for example.

If you want to create a more casual and basic look, but still want to enjoy your wide leg, wear it with a simple t-shirt. Another idea is to combine the pants with knitted pieces, which is also very interesting and brings a casual look, you see?

As for shoes, there is a wide variety that goes well with the wide leg, depending on the occasion and the style you are looking for. So, you can wear these pants with sneakers, in the most casual moments or for more casual looks, or with a more delicate shoe, for a little more formal events, for example.

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Finally, when investing in a wide leg, think that there are models of these pants in different lengths, washes and styles. So, you can choose the ones that best match the other pieces you already own and the kind of look you want to create with the pants, see?

Source: Terra

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