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10 baby names inspired by the characters of the soap opera Pantanal

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Does the family love a good storyline? Because we rely on the success of the story shown by TV Globo to help in choosing the name of the baby who is coming

Hello, novelists on duty! This list is for you! We took advantage of the huge success of humid areaplot currently airing on TV Globo, and we have selected the names of the characters in the story – with their respective meanings – from, who knows, bring inspiration for mothers and fathers who have not yet decided how to call the baby on the way.

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Good guys, bad guys, or even side characters in the soap opera, one thing is for sure: they bring names full of beautiful meanings. Come on!


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Bad on the screens and a name with a nice meaning out there! Levi is of Jewish origin and represents “the one who is connected”, that is, everything that refers to the idea of ​​union – not to mention that it can also carry a powerful religious interpretation.


Strong and bold, the character bears the name of the French variant of Madalena. Of Greek origin, she was used to refer to the inhabitants of the ancient Greek city Magdala and, over time, gained much appreciation for Brazilian parents.


We don’t even need to mention that this name is quite popular around here, right? Its origin is Germanic and means “one who is protected by God”. Powerful, isn’t it?


Graceful as the personality of the young woman in humid areaNayara is a variant of Naiara, which derives from the Arabic and was used to call “the place among the rocks”.


The simplicity and genuineness of the pawn accompanies the meaning of its name, a variation of the Latin to represent, by extension, “that of the heart” or “that of the chest”.

Maria Augusta

The fearless Guta leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to the meaning of her compound name. Maria has Jewish roots and she represents both “seer” and the idea of ​​purity. Augusta derives from the Latin and means “she who is sacred”. A nice option for a special little girl!


It is a question here of a French derivation of the Germanic Will, which bears as symbolism “he who protects” and “brave”.


We can say that the perceptive Mariana has her personality described by the meaning of her name! One of her origins is French, a variation of the traditional Mary – which, in turn, also represents “the sovereign lady”.


The character, who deals with José Leôncio’s affairs in the plot, is distinguished by the symbolism of his name. David comes from Hebrew to represent “loved” and “favorite”.


The religious character Filó carries in her name graceful attributes of affection and affection – as Filomena has Greek roots and symbolizes “she who is strongly loved”.

(And if none of these tips you liked, check out our baby name tool. Your baby will be there!)

Source: Terra

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