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Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’: Film Review

Conflict in Pixar’s Ancient Breakthrough 1995 toys Story, was based on the thrill of moving an old cowboy doll, Wood, when its young owner, Andy, purchased a popular new action figure called Buzz Lightyear. A movie called Space Ranger, light-yearcontinues toys Story The franchise showcases the sci-fi adventure that Andy chained to the character and inspired the products. This is a fun spin-off with suspense and heart, charming spirit, retro live popcorn entertainment. Chris Evans gives the title character a brilliant voice that balances heroism and human error with infectious warmth.

One of my main concerns is that this movie left me yearning for the emotional support of a robot cat like Sox, the automatic cat helper that Buzz was instructed by Star Command to relieve his troubled mind after a series of failures. After seeing it I thought of something else light-yearI hope you’re happy, Pixar.


Final result

A smart brand expansion that is also standalone.

Issue date: Friday, June 17
in the cast: Chris Evans, Uzo Aduba, Peter Sonny, Keke Palmer, Taika Whiteit, Dale Souls, James Brolin, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Aisha Whitlock Jr., Efren Ramirez, Keira Hearston
Director: Angus McLain
screenwriters: Jason Hadley Angus McLain

PG rating, 1 hour and 45 minutes

In keeping with studio tradition, members of its creative team were brought in to do the sound work, with Sox being voiced by animator Peter Sonny. The cat is a sympathetic digital assistant and listener, but it is also an amusing kitty who tends to chase lasers. And instead of hairballs, you can remove the cough with a torch or calming arrow to immobilize the opponent if necessary. Sox is a favorite image of a Disney animal fan favorite and is characterized by an engaging sense of humor, a screenplay co-written by director Angus McLain and Jason Hadley.

As ratings are now a must, this is a solid mid-range Pixar with strong appeal to kids and a significant nostalgia factor for sci-fi enthusiasts in the 80s and 90s. Can’t touch the Space Teacher works studio , wall-e, Or Brad Bird invariably moves Iron Giant, by Warner Bros., but the beauty of the cosmopolitan setting and the expressive charm of the characters should make this Pixar’s first theatrical release since the beginning of the pandemic. This includes IMAX screens where parts of a movie are specially shot in a larger format.

The title character is, of course, embedded in the imagination of generations as an action figure, voiced by Tim Allen in four features, who came out of the box convinced he was a true space ranger. toys Story. Breaking that illusion and the reward of becoming part of a close-knit society gradually taught her basic humility, transforming her from an overconfident person into a beloved, sometimes stupid golf ball; From solo star to team player.

In a live-action screen recreation of a protagonist (albeit in a computer-generated rendering) on ​​which the game was based, the filmmakers’ first sensible decision was to cast Evans, who had a cape. captain America Experience strengthens your authority on paper. This version shares the game’s physical characteristics: a swollen barrel chest, a huge astronaut’s jaw and a deep beard, but it is more flexible both in facial features and in movements, as is theoretically the case of bleeding and plastic of meat. ONE.

But the emotional foundation of the new base is not much like that of the toy store. At the beginning of the adventure, he respects his friend and mentor, Commander Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba), but he is also an elitist who loves control. Its complex character is such that it even tells its own story and turns it into a missionary magazine. He ignores both newcomers and his spaceship’s autopilot function, IVAN, or the voice-activated internal navigator voiced by Mary McDonald-Lewis.

light-year It’s about how this space ranger Gong-ho learns to recognize his human limitations and get help. It also applies to the passage of time and the fact that we repent if we move forward in the face of life’s circumstances.

This is the basic dilemma when he, his commander, and his 1,000-man scientific and technical team, on their way back to Earth, stop to explore an unknown planet, T’Kani Prime. Hostile lifeforms, aggressive monster vines, and giant flying insects lead to a hasty exit in which the base attempts to scale the same steep cliff in a flight maneuver they just saw. Top Gun: Maverick. Only he was unlucky. The fuel cell damage leaves them on the T’Kani Prime, on their way home, until they fix the hypersensitivity move.

With a rare taste of defeat, the crushed base vows to complete the mission and bring everyone back to earth. But a year later, its first high-speed test flight using crystalline fuel from the planet’s natural resources was a failure. And extending your flight time by 4 minutes means it all came back to T’Kani Prime for over 4 years.

With each successive test flight, this process intensifies, so that as long as the base remains the same age, relentlessly searching for a solution, everyone who knows it agrees with its condition and continues to live within the protected perimeters of the new Suburb. This is especially true for Commander Hawthorne, an overtly rocky character who marries his girlfriend, becomes a mother and eventually grandmother, while Base searches for a perfect formula for crystal fuel, with the help of Sox.

Pixar and Disney films have demonstrated for decades their belief in the ability to understand the death of children and light-year No exception presents us with the painful moments of loss that sink to the bottom, as his life is essentially frozen in time.

But when a new threat emerges in the form of an alien spaceship with a mega-robot on its back (James Brolin) and its army led by a Zyclops machine gun, the base is forced to rebel. Her only support is the Junior Zap Patrol, a trio of volunteer cadets that include Alicia’s granddaughter Izzy (Keke Palmer), who dreams of becoming a space patrol if she can overcome her fears; Clumsy bean mo (taika vaititi) who admits to being an academic aide; And the faded Darby (Dale Souls), a wide-eyed, nail-biting old man who willingly ignores the gun control ban, which is one of his probation conditions.

How this group of outsiders find mutual trust and strength in their collaborative knowledge and also discover their individual abilities is a Pixar Game Book story, albeit with some temporary changes as they travel into the future.

McLain, who is co-director find Doris like some toys Story Shorts and Hadley, co-authors AdvanceOf course, there are fans of the genre who leverage the limitless possibilities of science fiction to create distant worlds; They play it all on themselves Starship Troopers This one abroad This one Gravity. The material is shiny and light, though the danger is mounting – there are plenty of funny jokes that humanize the technology, like a confetti bomb being dropped into the IVAN’s cockpit when the hyperdrive is running, or two cyclops looking sideways at the skateboard. . Anger drops.

But the filmmakers also evoke a lot of tenderness, particularly in the way they care about the base and trust a group that initially seemed so responsible. Too preoccupied with his mission to focus on his personal life, he finds himself too close to his surprisingly intelligent cadets, especially the intelligent Iza de Palmer, who represents the unbroken line of friendship with his grandmother. The solace of friendship also responds well to the connections the action figure base has found with Andy’s other toys.

The textured visuals are often striking, pulsing with bright colors, while the detailed character work is pleasing, matching the strong input from the voice actors. The inclusion in the story is enriched each time by Michael Jacchino’s powerful orchestral score, ranging from quiet, intimate moments to heavy stops and triumphant fun. The film meets the MCU scene with a joke midway through the credits sequence, and then more dramatically, finally, which opens the door for a sequel.

Probably the sweetest solution here with an acquaintance. toys Story Rumor has it that his corn’s heroic expression “to infinity and beyond” strengthens the human connection as much as the clamor for space adventure.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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