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Will 2024 be better? Find out what the Tarot reveals

Come and find out what the Tarot indicates about the new year in relation to 2023 and how to make the most of it

Will 2024 be better than 2023? This is a problem that usually arises during this transition period and is more intense due to the bad weather we are ending up with this year. It’s a question with a hopeful tone: 2024 has to be better, doesn’t it?

To the Tarot predictions for 2024 (which you can read in full here) demonstrate that next year’s letter is Justice. In 2023 we had the regency of the Arcanum The car. What will change? What are the opportunities and challenges? We will tell you below.

But so that you can interpret your own own predictions, create your six-monthly Tarot cards here, so you will be able to understand what your life is like in the collective context governed by Justice at any time of the year.

Will 2024 be better?

Comparing 2024, governed by Justice, with its predecessor, 2023, outlined by Carrowe can glimpse surprising differences in their energies and influences.

  • The car symbolized movement, action, competitiveness and the search for control.
  • Justice invites reflection, responsibility and in-depth analysis of the actions taken.

What is better? Depends. The Justice card does not necessarily indicate a better or worse year, but rather a period of clear evolution and learning.

Although 2023 possessed a more dynamic and inspiring energy, marked by the need to act and move quickly, 2024 presents itself as a time of introspection, balance and necessary adjustments.

The emphasis on Justice 2024 requires awareness of choices and actions, making them more evident than ever. This does not imply an easier year, but a demanding period clearer understanding of what you think, want and say.

Furthermore, the Tarot indicates a greater tendency towards reactivity and an increase in individual and collective responsibilities in 2024. Reflection before acting and understanding different points of view will therefore be fundamental.

So the question of whether 2024 will be better than 2023 is complex. Instead of a simple comparison between Better OR worseIt is more appropriate to understand that both years offer different opportunities for personal growth and development.

What to do to make 2024 better

Faced with the nuances and challenges outlined by the Tarot in 2024, it is possible to adopt some attitudes and strategies to face this period of density and search for balance.

Here are some tips that can help make this year more constructive:

  1. Think before you speak: Given the tendency for immediate reactions and high-impact words, taking a moment to think before acting or speaking can avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts. The weight of words this year requires consideration.
  2. Take responsibility for your actions: understanding that everything you plant will be harvested, as Justice indicates, implies a call to personal responsibility.
  3. Seek understanding and balance: This is a year to challenge the labels of villains and heroes, seeking a more balanced understanding of people and ourselves.
  4. Watch out for euphoria in the first half of the year: Despite the tendency towards growth and prosperity, the first half of the year requires caution, as euphoria can hide temporary and fleeting situations.
  5. Learning from the challenges of the second semester: in the second half of 2024 we may see more tensions, confrontations and ethical challenges. However, every mistake can be a valuable lesson. Seeing difficulties as learning opportunities is essential for personal growth.
  6. Manage results wisely: whether it is financial gains, personal relationships or the work environment, it is essential to act prudently in 2024. Carefully evaluating each step is crucial to ensuring a stable and balanced future.

In short, 2024 could be a much better year if a conscious, thoughtful and responsible approach is adopted. Understanding the energies and nuances of this period helps to face its challenges, promoting personal and collective growth.

It can be a year of opportunity for those who act with caution, balance and awareness of the repercussions of their choices.

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Leo Chioda and Alex Lepletier ([email protected])

– Leo Chioda and Alex Lepletier are authors of the Tarot predictions for 2022. Leo is a specialist in the Personare Tarot and is a subscriber to the Monthly Tarot and the Direct Tarot. He is also a teacher of the Personal Tarot Basic Course. Alex reads tarot cards and teaches courses and offers online consultations on Tarot, Gypsy Decks and Runes.

Source: Terra

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