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Expoflora de Holambra: attractions, food, tickets and how to get there

The largest flower and plant show in Latin America features petal showers, Dutch delicacies, and music and dance performances

After a two-year hiatus, Expoflora will again take place in Holambra, in the interior of São Paulo. Latin America’s largest flower and ornamental plant exhibition is held every year towards the beginning of spring, but due to pandemic containment measures, the tradition has been postponed to 2020 and 2021. This year it is expected. for the period the 39th edition from 2 to 25 September, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 9:00 to 19:00. The party will exceptionally take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays 7 and 8, due to Brazil’s Independence Day.

The flower arrangements are placed in settings that tell stories or pay homage to Dutch and Brazilian cultures.

Expoflora attractions

The organizers of the event have already announced which attractions will be held in this edition of Expoflora. Among the most loved by the public is the Exhibition of Floral Compositions, where decorators create scenes or pay homage to traditions in various air-conditioned stands – in the latest edition, for example, white flowers created a snowy backdrop for a skier, while another corner was entirely dedicated to Dutch painters and boasted many sunflowers for Van Gogh.. It will also happen to Landscape exhibitionwith environments presented by landscape architects, decorators and interior designers.

On the five stages of the party, which will be installed near the refreshment areas, there will be musical presentations (whose programming has not yet been announced) and Dutch dances. From the research of Piet Schoenmaker, one of the creators and symbols of Expoflora, the Holambra dance group will perform typical choreography from different parts of the Netherlands. Children choose flower names for member groups, which are divided by age. The dances, in turn, are waltzes, marches, mazurkas and strokes inspired by nature (rain dance, woodpecker dance and polka on ice, reminiscent of skating), by crafts and crafts (cobblers, washerwomen, sailors, pumping water, brewing), harvesting (bean holders, ripe barley) or even in stories about the origin and traditions of the Dutch people.

The dances take place on every feast day and represent important elements of Dutch culture.

Those who want to deepen these traditions and the history of the city can visit the Holambra Museum, which is integrated into the park during the days of exposure so you don’t have to pay additional tickets. Next to the museum it is also possible to see replicas of the wattle and daub houses that were built and furnished as the first homes of Dutch immigrants.

To entertain the little ones, an amusement park is also set up with a carousel, bumper car, Ferris wheel and more. Tickets for toys are paid for separately. Another attraction that should delight even children is a small farm, where they can have contact with the most common animals for work in the fields, such as donkeys and goats.

At 16:00 the Parade of flowerswhich is controlled by tulipthe mascot of exposure and symbol of the city of Holambra. Flowering floats and marching bands parade and lead visitors to the place where the petals will rain at 4:30 pm. About 150 kilos of petals are thrown on the audience, which equates to 18,000 rosebuds. According to tradition, whoever catches a petal in the air will have a wish fulfilled.

Petals Rain takes place every day at 4:30 pm, right after the Flower Parade.

Sightseeing tour and Magic Garden

To get to know the city better, the organizers of Expoflora offer a city tour that crosses the main points of interest in Holambra. New this year is that the tour will also include a visit to the Magical garden, one of the private fields where it is possible to walk among plantations of flowers and ornamental plants. The place is only six kilometers from the exposure and has an area of ​​70,000 m². or Tour it will be held from 9:00 to 17:00, on all days of the event, and will last approximately 30 minutes. It can be purchased for R $ 40 on-site or for R $ 35 in group sales through August 24th.

Expoflora gastronomy

The highlight is the typical Dutch cuisine. There will be five food courts (called Rose, Lilies, Petunias, Iris and Tulips) where you can try delicacies with Dutch names. Some of the savory dishes are panekoek (Pancakes), eisben (pork knee) e diny rösti (precooked potato, grated with bacon and spices and stuffed with sausage). The Dutch fish, called against Holland appears in versions vis en frietof fried fish, e zure haring, which is made with freshly seasoned sardines. There are still i stampwhich are the typical purees that accompany two sausages, and the monster wortela tough name for mashed potatoes with carrots, pork and beer sauce.

The cakes made with waffles and biscuits are the most traditional of the party.

For dessert, write down other suggestions with complicated names – sweet mini pancakes are poffertjesthe spice biscuits, which have a strong cinnamon taste, are i speculationsthe traditional wafer filled with caramelized cane molasses, highly sought after in Holambra, is la stroopwafeland if the waffle comes with apricot filling, the name changes to vlaai of apricot. Also try the rose ice cream, a traditional delicacy of the city.

Tickets for Expoflora

At the box office, on the days of the event, tickets for Expoflora will be sold at R $ 80. But there are promotional tickets that can be purchased in advance: until June 24, tickets will be available at R $ 40, and until August 24, in second lot, tickets will cost R $ 60 (there is no half price in the prices on sale). Individual purchases or packages for families must be made through the Rápido Entrance website, while tickets for groups over 15 people can be made directly with the organization (more information at this link).

The cars of the Parada das Flores are decorated with elements representing the city of Holambra.

How to get to Expoflora

Expoflora takes place in a space right in the center of Holambra, at the Alameda Maurício de Nassau. The city is located 137 kilometers from Sao Paulo, in the metropolitan region of Campine. Starting by car from the capital, the fastest route takes about two hours and is done from Rodovia dos Bandeirantes to Campinas. Next, take exit 133 via Rodovia Dom Pedro I. Finally, to get to Holambra, you have to travel a stretch along Rodovia Campinas-Mogi Mirim, also known as Rodovia Governador Dr. Adhemar Pereira de Barros.

By bus, the most comfortable options travel St. Paul And Campinewhere it is possible to take an intercity line (EMTU) to Holambra. Those who have arrived at the Campinas bus station can access the Prefeito Magalhães Teixeira Metropolitan Terminal via a platform located in front of the escalator that goes up from the arrivals area. Once at the terminal, the signs must indicate at which point the buses of line 693 stop, which make the Arthur Nogueira-Campinas route, passing through Holambra. The fare costs R $ 8.20 and it is possible that timetables and lines to the city will be extended during the event (check here). To not miss the stops, use mobility apps like Moovit.

Discover the attractions of Holambra

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