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Apartment from the 70s overlooking the lagoon is enriched with a contemporary design

The redesign led by Marcela Fazio, Natacha Alves and Beatriz Slaibi created five suites and integrated spaces

In a collaborative project full of challenges, the architects Marcela Fazio, Natacha Alves and Beatriz Slaibi have combined their skills to remodel an original, 240 m2 since the 70s in a contemporary family residence, characterized by refinement and comfort.

To accommodate a large family, consisting of a couple and their four children, the architects undertook to create five suites, significantly expanding the living space of the original apartment, which only had two suites and two bedrooms.


The creation process involved in-person and online meetings, as well as exchanges of sketches that resulted in a cohesive and innovative vision for the residence. The challenge of adapting the bathroom of the bedroom which adjoins the living room proved to be the most complex task during the works, requiring creative adjustments due to the surprising discovery of gas mains and plumbing pipes.


The living room has been expanded, the kitchen and laundry room have been completely renovated and all the fixtures have been replaced. The highlight is the large living room with panoramic views of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitasoffering residents a welcoming atmosphere for moments of decompression.


The conservation of original Peroba wooden floormeticulously restored, it contrasts with the contemporary character introduced by the use of Exclusive hydraulic tile (Ladrilar) in the kitchen. Coverings such as porcelain stoneware and wooden elements strategically integrated into panels and closures give the whole a unique aesthetic.


“In this incredible architectural project we can highlight a fascinating feature: the fact that the clear connection with the initial idea is easily perceptible. Some spaces have been carefully modeled, faithfully reproducing the creative sketches. This realization highlights the attention to detail and to fidelity to the architectural design”, explains Marcela.

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Source: Terra

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