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What can you do with old or “lonely” socks: more than 10 good ideas

Have you ever encountered the mystery of a missing sock in the washing machine?

In fact, the answer is very simple: either it got stuck under the rubber seal, or it entered the drain pipe and traveled down the sewer, or it settled in the tank, falling into the space between it and the drum.

But whatever the reason for the loss, the result is the same: you end up with a sock without a pair. We’ll tell you why this can be useful!

Socks to create armbands

You can use socks to make cute mittens in a bohemian style, and the difference between them will only add charm to your look. Do not pay attention to the fact that the craftswoman in the video uses special tools and a sewing machine – you can do the same thing with your hands.

Socks to create baby knee pads


Has your child made it his important mission to explore the whole world even if he hasn’t started walking yet? Take care of his knees with a pair of old socks, scissors and a little creativity!

Socks to create knitted hat accessories

An old knitted sock can be turned into a cozy mug cover: this will help keep your tea or coffee warm and prevent burning your hands.

Socks for making animal toys

Dog toys can be very expensive, but the price doesn’t matter to a puppy: he will happily chew on anything – for example, this simple craft made from an old sock and a ball tennis ball (or a plastic bottle – some dogs love to hear their specific crunch).

Socks for making stuffed animals

Striped socks are classic, as are striped cats. That’s why the sock transforms… transforms… into an adorable kitten!

Socks for making puppets

Do you have a lot of “lonely” socks? Find cardboard, scissors, glue, pencil and a free evening – and you will have a whole puppet theater.

Socks to create potpourri pillows

Sock Tips are perfect for creating herb sachets that will fill your cupboards with a delicious aroma. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it: simply cut off the bottom part, fill it with the filling of your choice and tie it with a ribbon.

Socks to create an anti-stress toy

An ordinary white sock, rubber bands for banknotes, felt or colored cardboard, a piece of fabric for a scarf, wire and woolen threads are all you need to create a snowman snow like this, which you can scrunch in your hands to relax and calm down. down.

Socks to create a glasses case

This is perhaps one of the simplest and fastest crafts: to turn a sock into a case for sunglasses, you only need 10 minutes. Use the same tutorial if you want to use socks to create pouches for storing small items.

Socks to create a vase for decorative flowers

These are the most unusual flower vases we’ve ever seen. The hardest part of making them is finding a cardboard box of the right size.

Socks for making toy juggling balls

Juggling is a very beneficial activity: studies have shown that it can increase brain volume. This is an excellent balance and coordination workout, prevents Alzheimer’s disease and is a way to stimulate serotonin production. If you don’t have balls suitable for juggling, you can make them from socks, and not necessarily old ones – after all, you won’t have to cut or sew anything, and therefore no sock will be damaged.

Socks to wipe off dust

Put an old sock on your hand, wipe off the dust, then remove it, spray the surface with wood spray and go over it with the cloth, buffing it until it is shiny.

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Socks for cleaning floors

The microfiber pad no longer fits on the mop supplied with the squeegee? You’ll need to order a new cloth with Velcro from the market, but for now, put on a sock instead.

Socks as a vacuum cleaner accessory

An earring rolled under the sofa? Put a sock on the vacuum cleaner hose, turn on the device and feel under the bed with this “tentacle”!

Source: The Voice Mag

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