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Zero sun, expensive creams and more: Madonna’s 5 beauty commandments that work

Madonna has a beauty care routine that will surprise you; discover the secrets of the queen of pop!

Madonna popularly known as queen of popAnd about to make history Brazil with the largest audience of his career in a show in Copacabana. Already residing in Rio de Janeiro, the 65-year-old singer impresses not only with her memorable hits, but also with beauty that refuses to give in to age.

But, as we have already discussed here on Purepeople, age has never been an issue for the pop star. Always with sharp responses to questions and comments about her appearance, Madonna has proven, over the years, that her legacy is bigger than her famous personal life.

The fact is, to keep her beauty up to date, Madonna has her own tricks. With one of the most consolidated careers in international music, There is no shortage of the highest quality products on the market for the iconic singerWhat he also underwent cosmetic procedures.

And Purepeople has analyzed all the details to find out the 5 beauty commandments from the queen of pop that keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Ready to replicate them?

Madonna’s Skin Commandments: Expensive and highly rated products

To stay strong on stage, Madonna does not do without a rigorous exercise routine and a super healthy diet, but, in addition to being natural, intensive care for her skin is essential in her routine.

Terri Graham, Madonna’s dermatologist since 2010, shared with The Sun the details of everything the queen of pop puts on her face every day. Interestingly, the singer uses only products from her own brand, …

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