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Spain’s first capsule hostel has a futuristic feel

With units in Madrid and Bilbao, the new complex has cabins of 3 to 4 square meters and more privacy than an ordinary hostel

Hostels are dedicated to travelers who don’t mind giving up comfort and privacy in the name of saving money, especially if the idea is to spend the day visiting the city and return only when it’s time to sleep. To the Optimi rooms In Spain, the logic is the same, but you don’t lose much privacy and comfort since the tiny cabins are closed and practically become an individual micro room. This is an updated hostel.

A peculiarity: while in traditional hostels the environments are usually conducive to the integration of guests, in a capsule hostel the logic is a little different: each guest closes himself in his own “ship”.

OR Optimi rooms is the first capsule accommodation in Spain, a concept popular in Japan and South Korea. There are two units: in Bilbao, the accommodation is located in the central area, a four-minute walk from the Autonomía metro station and 20 minutes from . Guggenheim Museum. In Madrid, the place is a stone’s throw from Gran Vía, the busiest artery in the city, and a 5-minute walk from the Gran Vía metro.

The capsules resemble spaceships from science fiction films, with blue lights and a completely white environment. By closing the door, each guest has a bed, a television and a safe in their own little private universe.

There are two types of capsules: single ones, of 3 square meters (the equivalent of a single bed) cost starting from 24.95 euros; and the double room, which accommodates up to two people and is 4 m2, has daily rates starting from 49.95 euros. All capsules are equipped with air conditioning.

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The beds are distributed in a corridor, as if they were bunk beds: there are the lower capsules, at floor level, and the upper ones, which are accessed via a ladder. A common area with shared kitchen and bathroom is also available to guests. In the kitchen you can improvise a basic meal. Lockers for storing clothes and luggage are located in the common area and are closed by electronic locks.

Individual lockers with electronic locks

The accommodation in Madrid offers towels every two and the one in Bilbao offers them every three. Cabins are cleaned daily.

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