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Star always late and exploding budget? This investigation undermines Dwayne Johnson, Prime Video denies!

For more than two decades, Dwayne Johnson has built a reputation in the world of action cinema as a diligent, hardworking and conscientious actor – in addition to being rewarded with considerable box office appeal. But Red One, his upcoming action film for Prime Video, has turned into a huge budget disaster: An investigation by The Wrap published yesterday, containing “more than a dozen insider reports,” blames the actor and calls out his work ethic. under the question mark.

It was originally planned for last year’s Christmas, theatrical release red one Delayed until November 2024 – presumably due to last year’s strikes. But, according to The Wrap, the truth lies elsewhere.

The production problems would cost the film, which also stars Chris Evans and J.K. Simmons and whose final budget exploded. According to a dozen insiders “directly involved in the project”, filming would be a real chaos, exacerbated by the inexperience of the producers and, above all, chronic significant delays. Dwayne Johnson.

rock (very) late

According to The Wrap, Dwayne JohnsonWho reportedly describes himself as “the hardest worker in the room”, is said to be notorious in the industry for his tardiness and lack of professionalism on set.

The only thing Dwayne was consistent about was being chronically late“, said the source. “It was a disaster– said the other. According to them, he was often up to eight hours late for filming, and on days when he did not appear at all, the producer was forced to shoot without him. “Dwayne doesn’t really care– said another person. Meanwhile, other sources were talking about a delay of no more than an hour.

These significant delays would increase production costs to $50 million. However, a source close to Amazon said the budget never deviated from the $250 million originally planned. “It’s perfectly normal for the budget to fluctuate within 15% of the target and that’s exactly what we’ve experienced.” said the person.

In addition to the film’s delays, in addition to the strikes, filming was delayed due to the actor’s busy schedule for his biopic Young Rock and his extensive press tour for Black Adam.

Another rumor tarnishes the actor’s reputation: he used to drink water in a bottle to save time, which upset the camera crew.

On the set, away from the trailer, if he needs to pee, he doesn’t go to the public toilet“, the source of the publication said. “He leans into Voss’s water bottle and his crew or a production assistant has to get rid of him.

A real habit?

According to the investigation, there are delays Dwayne Johnson It has reportedly been a problem for several years and examples are said to be numerous and well-documented, from him arriving late at fan events to leaving the entire set idle while he practices for three hours.

A producer who visited the set of the HBO series Ballers, in which the actor stars, was quoted as saying, “They rent a location where they can film as many other actors as possible while they wait for him to decide whether or not to come on set..” A former production assistant on the show confirmed her claim, saying: “He was regularly three to four hours late on set, keeping more than 100 crew members waiting for no reason.According to a third insider, in March 2017, Johnson was six hours late to the set Balleristas.

On the set of Rampage in 2018, she was reportedly four to five hours late a day, according to two insiders, who also noted that her arrival time was never posted on the call sheet. The reason for his constant tardiness stems from refusing to work all day on set. “It is his absolute refusal to work more than four or five hours a day– added a studio insider. Another insider suggested: “It’s a matter of control.

His “clash” with Vin Diesel

behavior Dwayne Johnson Over the years it has caused controversy with its co-stars, particularly Vin Diesel, with whom it worked on the Fast & Furious franchise. “Vince has had problems with The Rock because The Rock keeps coming down for productionAn insider told People. “Sometimes it doesn’t appear at all and delays production.

In 2016, the two actors sent each other barbs through social networks: some talked about the controversy, others about a well-organized publicity stunt. Rumors of tension between the two actors were fueled by TMZ, who reported that according to their sources, the two actors can’t stand each other. Reason according to edition: Vin Diesel This time whoever produced the movie made some bad decisions. Even today, it is allowed to doubt the authenticity of the disagreements between the actors.

Ryan Reynolds, angry?

In the fall of 2020, while producing Red Notice for Netflix, Ryan Reynolds became very angry after the wait. Dwayne Johnson Within five hours they would have “A huge battle“, according to insiders. Johnson reportedly stormed off the set, and the two stars hadn’t spoken to each other in years until recently patching things up.

The claims also go so far as to accuse Johnson of flouting strict quarantine rules on the set of the film by returning home on a private jet while the rest of the cast stayed put. Dwayne Johnson He himself posted an article about 14-hour days, only to delete it after members of the film crew called out his hypocrisy, writing: “He had family and friends over for a barbecue and ended up contracting COVID. This is the most selfish thing I have ever seen an actor do.However, a person close to the production denied the allegations and said:Nothing he did violated COVID protocols“.

For its part, Netflix wanted to respond to his allegations. This was reported by a representative of The Wrap Dwayne Johnson was “A successful professional“And that they were delighted”that they worked with him on the number 1 film“. And Netflix isn’t the only platform to protect the actor.

Amazon denies these allegations

In the face of these numerous damning testimonials, Amazon has spoken out and confirmed that these latest announcements, and especially these notorious repeated eight-hour delays to the film’s production. red one was not only “fake” but “ridiculous”.

Dwayne Johnson and Seven Bucks make incredible partners in Red One, a movie that audiences of all ages will love this holiday seasonA representative of Amazon MGM told The Wrap. “Our testing has been very strong—the response from CinemaCon speaks for itself—and we couldn’t have done it without Dwayne’s continued work and support. Any investigation that implies that we got to this point when he arrived seven to eight hours late to the shoot is ridiculous and bogus.

pictures red one was revealed at CinemaCon earlier this year.to a small group of journalistsHowever, who were not authorized to write on this topic. “While it’s common for studios to strategically reveal select scenes, the complete media blackout surrounding Red One footage suggests that Amazon knows it’s going to be a bumpy road ahead of its delayed release.– we read in the article of The Wrap.

remind you red one It tells about a villain who kidnaps Santa Claus at the North Pole. Therefore, the ELF (Extremely Large and Powerful) must team up with the bounty hunter to find Santa and save the party. Amazon is reportedly hoping to turn it into a franchise. The film also stars Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Liu, Nick Kroll and Bonnie Hunt.

Red One is currently scheduled for a November 15, 2024 release on Prime Video.

Source: Allocine

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