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6 tips to always keep your hair hydrated

See how some attention is essential to have shiny and silky locks

Properly moisturizing your hair helps prevent breakage, dryness, split ends and other hair problems, as well as providing a shinier, more beautiful and silkier look. In this sense, there are several specific treatments that can help keep hair hydrated. This is why hair therapist Renata Fraga lists some habits that help. Watch!

1. Add Leave-In to your routine

Use an appropriate amount of time for the your hair type. It works like a protective film for hair. Also, choose options with solar filter.

two. Rinse your hair after soaking

Every time you take a dip in the sea or pool, if possible, rinse yourself hair with running water. This removes excess residues present in the water, such as salt and chlorine, which damage the hair.

Treating your hair with natural oils helps with hydration

3. Use vegetable oils

Moisturize your hair at home and in the salon. Keratin treatment is a great option. Treat your hair it is also recommended with natural vegetable oils. This is because they are powerful in cellular hydration, as they prevent the escape of water and nutrients, keeping the hair hydrated.

4. Protect your hair from the sun

Wear a cap or hat when out in the sun. Both protect the hair, but at the same time cushion the scalp. Therefore, when you are under an umbrella or in a covered place, you prefer to be without it.

5. Cut your hair regularly

Trim the ends of your hair. A thin part of the wires, older and worn, the scales remain open, which makes it difficult for the hair fiber to retain nutrients. For those who just want to eliminate split ends, choose the embroidered cut.

6. Avoid products containing alcohol

Hair products containing alcohol can dry out your hair, so look for products without this ingredient.

Source: Terra

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