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Discover the characteristics of the mother of each zodiac sign

Also find out what each native’s relationship is like with their children

Contrary to what many might think, mothers are not all the same. Although most people say cliché phrases, such as: “do you have an umbrella with you? It will rain”, “when we return we will buy it” and the classic “aren’t you all”, each has its own characteristics, which define whether it will be flirtatious, drooling, overprotective or friendly.

However, they all have something in common: the influence of the stars. Astrologer Roberta Brisola then explains what the main characteristics of mothers of each sign are and how they behave. Watch!


The native mothers of sign of Aries They are attentive, always seeking knowledge and appreciate freedom. According to astrologer Roberta Brisola, they too are rigid in their decisions, but they encourage their children to seek independence, because for them this is a very important value. They are also always ready for any activity.


Taurus mothers have a strong maternal instinct, they are affectionate and a little jealous. According to Roberta Brisola, they therefore want their children to go far away, but without moving away from them. “They are also very careful and capricious, with themselves and with their children,” adds the astrologer.

The Gemini mother is happy and fun


The mothers of sign of Gemini They are happy, fun and communicative. Therefore, it may seem that they are more friends than mothers of their children. They love to talk, exchange ideas and are always ahead of the times. “Sometimes they are a little distracted or scattered, but they always have an opinion on everything,” says the astrologer.


The sign of Cancer is known to be the most sentimental sign of the zodiac. Therefore, Cancer mothers are protective, they give a lot of themselves and, at the same time, they demand the same availability from their children. According to Roberta Brisola they seem to have an infinite reserve of attention. “If you let me, they will take care of other people’s children too,” she explains.


Known for being happy, creative and loving mothers Leo they like to be the center of attention. However, they like it much more when this attention is paid to their children. Roberta Brisola also explains that they are generous and demanding, so it is not easy to please them.


Virgo mothers are intelligent, organized, and extremely concerned. Therefore, I am always one step ahead, thinking, preparing and taking precautions. According to the astrologer, you will never catch these mothers by surprise nor will you be able to deceive them, because they are always attentive to details.

The Libra mother likes to pay attention to the whole family


Mothers Balance They are charismatic, sweet, happy and fair. They don’t like conflict. Therefore they do everything to divide the attention among the whole family, so that everyone is satisfied and peace reigns. However, they like everything to be perfect. This burden often falls on children.


Scorpio is known to be suspicious and intense; This is also reflected in mothers of this sign, who are also a bit controlling. According to the astrologer, Scorpio mothers have a very strong personality. “They can capture what is happening miles away,” says Roberta Brisola.


Mothers Natives of Sagittarius They are happy, lively and positive. According to Roberta Brisola they have a young spirit and live every phase with their children, almost like one of their own. The astrologer also explains that they are adventurous. Therefore, the stimulation resulting from travel, study, sport or any other activity will be constant in their life.

The Capricorn mother is always worried about her children


Known for being elegant, intelligent and practical, Capricorn mothers are always worried about the safety of their children. For this reason they spare no effort or work to have everything they need. As the astrologer explains, for these natives, love means being able to provide and satisfy needs.


The mothers of Aquarius sign They value freedom very much. Therefore, they teach their children from an early age that it is important to make choices and know how to deal with the consequences. “They can also be unconventional and have a very different life and taste than usual”, adds the astrologer.


Pisces mothers are intuitive and see what most cannot see. Because they are kind and have good sense, children always get everything they want. But, equally, Pisces women also get everything they want from those they care about. And how much they worry about it! They always have a shoulder, a word or a prayer to help.

By Roberta Brisola

Astrologer, trained in psychology and specialized in systemic and regression therapy, she is a numerologist and tarot reader. She has more than 15 years translating the heavens and the human being.

Source: Terra

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