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Wedding nails: 6 trendy nail polish colors

Expert reveals trendy tones in nail art for brides; he looks at what I am and get inspired!

In addition to clothes, hairstyle and makeup, nails also help create the bride’s look, and are often painted white, nude or decorated with French nails. However, with the growing growth of the beauty market, new colors have become part of the long-awaited date look.

“Many clients ask for bright tones or layers of glitter and say the look suits their wedding,” says Marina Groke, beauty specialist at Unhas Cariocas, a leading beauty salon in the industry. “In addition to being a consequence of emerging trends, I believe this diversity of choices is the result of the freedom to be creative on this important day,” she adds.

The professional reveals that, until then, there was a strong pressure to follow a certain standard, which included clothes, make-up and nails in their most discreet versions. With the opening of this opportunity for innovation, nuances such as peach fuzz and royal blue, for example, are already part of bridal looks.

For brides who want to dare in their own production and invest in it nail polish colors different options for the big day, the specialist has separated six popular options nail art. Watch!

Nail color trends for brides

Royal Blue

For a bride looking for an unconventional approach, royal blue could be the perfect choice. This color conveys confidence and tranquility, adding a bold and elegant touch to the bride’s look.


Wine enamel –

Sensual and surprising, the wine evokes an aspect of sophistication and romance, perfect for a bride who desires a classic aesthetic with a touch of mystery. Its rich color adds depth and elegance to the bride’s look.


Pink rose nail polish –

Pink is ideal for a bride who wants to add a touch of fun and femininity to her look. This vibrant and cheerful color is the perfect choice for a relaxed daytime ceremony.

Green water

Aqua green nail polish –

This shade gives a feeling of freshness and serenity, ideal for an outdoor wedding or a beach ceremony. The softness of teal adds a vibrant yet subtle touch to the bride’s look.

Peach fluff

Peach Nail Polish –

OR peach fuzz it is the appropriate choice for a bride looking for a soft and romantic color palette. This delicate shade conveys a sense of calm and elegance, perfect for a more intimate wedding ceremony or outdoor event in spring or summer.

Bright red

Bright red nail polish –

The shade is a bold and classic choice for a bride who wants to stand out. This vibrant color adds a touch of drama and glamor to your bridal look, capturing the attention of everyone in attendance.

Source: Terra

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